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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Movie Making


I posted this 6 months ago to the day, time to bring it back.

I'm currently editing my 73rd movie production, which is the 78th movie I have been in, so I do know a little something about making movies on SL.
Now I could probably write chapters on "How to make movies on SL" Just like I did in  "How to be a SL Porn Star" If people really think I need to write chapters I may consider it. But I feel that movies are an art left up to the individual and their taste with really no right or wrong way of making them.

But some things have happened and I'm compelled to say something and do a little teaching so here goes. One of my main statements in "How to be a SL Porn Star" is Make your own porn  Problem is there are people making movies that have no idea what they are doing and I feel somewhat responsible because the two that stand out in my mind I personally told to make their own porn. 

Now when I decided to make my first movie I did something called "research" and this is one page I read more than once: Machinima . The thing that erks me the most is that the 2 that I am really writing this about obviously did no research. You would think if they had the drive to make movies they would also have the drive to learn something before doing it, but I guess not.

So for me the first question was: How do I film off my screen? Well obviously they figured that out or I couldn't of seen there movies so I'm not talking about that.
The second questions was: How do I get all this stuff of my screen so I just show the movie and not my huds, chat windows and all the other buttons. I mean to me this was really important, because all the "good" movies I had seen didn't have that stuff on the screen. But the 2 I have in mind apparently didn't think that important.

It's called UI (user interface) and it's very simple to toggle on and off with these hotkeys CTRL+ALT+F1. To remove your HUDs hotkeys SHIFT+ALT+H.

 Now I'm sure these 2 geniuses don't read this blog, but I'm sure many of you have stumbled on their movies and thought like I did "Worst movie ever". So if you every decide you want to make your own movies, now you know how to at least clear the screen, and why the director can't see chat while filming.

Monday, January 28, 2013

From April 9th 2012

Round Boobs 

I posted this on April 9th in this blog to show touch ups using photo shop.

Boob size: 75

Just go get prime/mesh breast if you want boobs over size 70!!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bi Encounters Closing

That's right the site of last weekends SL Porn Party Part 1 & Part 2 is closing.

The week of October 8th they will begin dismantling the sim with the goal to return the land by October 12th. So you still have some time left to enjoy it before it's gone.

When something that once was fun no longer is, it's time for a change and that seem to be the case. So it's time for Rosa and Pria to pursue other things that they would like to accomplish in SL.

Best of luck to them!!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

SL Porn Tube Uploads

Video uploads
Ok this completely slipped my mind this week.
Jasmine (Skyward) asked me last Saturday to make a post reminding everyone what format is accepted for SL Porn Tube. I guess people were trying to upload movies and it wasn't working because of the format the movie was saved in.

She doesn't want people discouraged and giving up simply because the video wasn't save in the proper format. There are many options for saving video so it's not hard, if you know what format is required to save to the right one.

So I asked her, what format works, and her reply was basically whatever format I'm using.
I don't really know the technical specifics of all this.

So here is the format I save as:
I am using: Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD 11
I save as, MainConcept AVC/AAC (*.mp4); Sony Tablet 720p
From there I use my Encoder and save as: High Quality (Same Size with Source)

I think the key here is saving as MP4 and then Encoding.
Encoding reduces the file size by about 66%.
Now off of: I see these bits:

**We don't take .mov files**
.MP4, mpg, .WMV, .FLV are accepted

So I would say those are your options, rather then trying to do it exactly the way I do.

Also on the site it has information : How to upload a profile picture, How to upload your vide.
So I highly suggest you go to this link (especially if your having problems) and familiarize yourself with the guidelines of how the site works.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

RMS Titanic

100 years ago, Today at 11:40pm the RMS Titanic struck and iceberg in the North Atlantic. 2 hours and 40 minutes later it was gone from the oceans surface. The death toll has been put at between 1,490 and 1,635 people.

But just like the name says "Second Life", there is a Titanic sim here!

There is a dress code, for the ballroom and the bow of the ship, which I believe should be respected! For women it was gowns, and men tuxedos, in any case dress nice!!

There are also shops on the dock as well as in the hull of the ship where you can buy any formal attire you may need. But when we were there the sim was nearly at or was at capacity (we had messages when trying to TP to each other it could not be done because the sim was full). So I would advise you dress at home then TP to the sim just so you don't have to rezz clothing in a crowd.

There is a lot to see and transporter boards all over the sim to get you to points of interest quickly! This sim is definitely worth seeing, especial in these 2 days (14th & 15th)!!

Other pictures we took on our visit.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Scooby Mode's commentary on the New updated Firestorm Viewer

Scooby's synopsis of the New updated Firestorm Viewer. Scooby offers an abundant amount of insight into the viewer's skins and his first hand impression/experience using the flexibility of the interface.

"I think it's safe to say that the current version has something to offer for everyone who uses it. You can switch back and forth between different skins, and even use the old viewer 1 skin that everyone knows and loves dearly. This firestorm allows you to" ............................

To see the rest of his post and pictures on the New Viewer update see Scooby's blog ......<<< click the hyper link.

*SL PORN* blog offers a one stop hub to view all the latest notices, blog posts, the newly released movies, even links to SL marketplace and SL search and so much more.  I encourage you to take a min and explore the blog.