Saturday, March 31, 2012

Must Buy of the Week

LOVE + SEX RUG 4 PRIMS 340 HQ Animations Cuddle Dance Hardlove Single Massage rug fur. L$199

I had noticed another ANPULI LIFESTYLE rug in the MarketPlace for a long time (the one with 859 reviews) but thought because of it's low price the quality would be low as well. 

Linda bought us this one and yesterday we tried it out (reason we were late to the party), and are very happy with it.

The animations aren't perfect, but I have yet to see anything on SL that is, for the price it's just as good as some of furniture or rugs we spent 10 times that much on.
The rug has a big menu with over 340 High Quality animations: 

Click "Read more" to see the rest of our pictures, the MarketPlace pictures and Links

This Weekends Porn Star Party PART 2

The  Do-over Party 
Saturday from 1:00 to 3:00  at The Wolfpack Club, Home of Wolf Porn Productions! There will be no ban list in affect and all are welcome to attend.  DJ will be announced soon!

Sound familiar? It should, Friday afternoons porn star party was held there, and going pretty good until the ejections and bannings!! We don't know how Fridays ended because we left in protest when the matter could not be resolved. Let's hope this one goes better!

If your going to host a porn star party, and have our support, you can't be ejecting and banning people shortly after they say "hello" to everyone. Every club has a few people they have had to remove and ban (it happens) but if you let them on your sim, you should let them stay until they cause a problem not eject them in front of everyone if they are behaving themselves.

Also if you wish to host a party, it would be better if you don't have a ban list full of the people (porn stars) that you are hosting it for. These party's are suppose to be like community get togethers, put aside your differences for a couple hours have some fun and "Woo.... Get Naked"!!

Notices March 30th

New one by Ayara; Ayara Illios
New video

Yeah, i have been practising again. Hope you enjoy watching ;-)

* The girls chatting in the bathtub, mostly complaining about how their guys cant satisfy them. The talking got them excited, and one thing lead to another.

Party starting pretty soon!; Ayara Illios

Hi partypeople!

Party starting in 15 minutes!!!!

Limo attached!

Scooby mode's comentay on...; Liltxsmile

Scooby's synopsis of the New updated Firestorm Viewer. Scooby offers an abundant amount of insight into the viewer's skins and his first hand impression/experience using the flexibility of the interface.

Prologue; MissEmily23
This is my little speech about “Are you sure you want to do this?”

Hump-day Pics, MissEmily23
Linda and I couldn't make this weeks hump-day party, so she asked Alexus Minotaur to take some pictures for us! These are courtesy of Alexus Minotaur.

New movie by ALeXo Productions; Alexandr Aho
Siberian Night

Sid Style's - Jason Brandson007; SidAlex Shelman
▒▒▒░░ SID STYLE ░░▒▒▒
Sid Style's - Jason Brandson 007
Jason Brandson as Brandson 007 ,
Sid Style as Brandson Girl
and two Bad Boys.
Contains: Music, Sex and Action
▒▒▒░░ SID STYLE ░░▒▒▒

~~CASTING CALL!!~~ Willow Onskan

PAJAMA PARTY!!!!! 3-5 NOW!!!!!!!!; Moonie
Ok Y'all come down to Syn City's  Synful Pleasures club we have a PJ party going on and 2 k on the board so throw them PJ's on and come party with us I of couse am your naughty little DJ and Halo is my sexy hostess

A Sinnful Shower; Midnight Shinja
One of the Hottest Shower scenes ive done to date! Enjoy

Friday, March 30, 2012


This is my little speech about “Are you sure you want to do this?”

Let’s make one thing clear PORN IS NOT SEX!! If you want to have lots of sex go to a club and find a hook up!!

There is very seldom any pay in porn, unless there is someone commissioning a style, scene or story. Most make porn because they want to and upload there movies to machinima sites for free. If anything porn cost its photographers and directors to do. Recording software, editing software, poses, animations, wardrobe, rent, sets and props!
Also expect to spend money of your own for quality footwear, genitals, hair, skin and cum layers, everything you need to make a hot pornstar!

Speaking from my experience; Photo shoots take between 1 to 1 ½ hours (once everyone is ready) and a film shoot takes 1 ½ to 2 ½ hours (once everyone is ready). From then on you get on a pose ball and wait instructions until the shoot is over. A good photographer usually is busy picking angles and other adjustment rather than chat with actors and actresses. A director has to clear their screen in order to film, which means they can’t see chat anyway. If a director is chatting with you they are not filming

Your actual acting really only consist of “Stand here”, “Turn this way”, “Sit on this ball please”, “remove your clothing” and “get ready for cum”. Now a male has to keep an eye on his cock position, he needs to tilt it / point it so it’s hitting the hole (same with a woman with a strap-on). So unless you have someone to talk to it can be very boring.

Also, many people want to act in a porn movies on SL, each month there are between 7 & 21 movies uploaded and notices posted in group, they are embedded to this blog and listed  there are around 330 people active in  * SL PORN * group, in order to get them all in films each month each movie cast would have had to take at least 15 people to work in them, obviously that doesn’t happen.
So don’t think just because you have a hot avatar you can just sit and wait, you have to market and promote yourself and this is what this is about.

This Weekends Porn Star Party

Friday 1:00 - 3:00 SLT at the Wolfpack

Scooby Mode's commentary on the New updated Firestorm Viewer

Scooby's synopsis of the New updated Firestorm Viewer. Scooby offers an abundant amount of insight into the viewer's skins and his first hand impression/experience using the flexibility of the interface.

"I think it's safe to say that the current version has something to offer for everyone who uses it. You can switch back and forth between different skins, and even use the old viewer 1 skin that everyone knows and loves dearly. This firestorm allows you to" ............................

To see the rest of his post and pictures on the New Viewer update see Scooby's blog ......<<< click the hyper link.

*SL PORN* blog offers a one stop hub to view all the latest notices, blog posts, the newly released movies, even links to SL marketplace and SL search and so much more.  I encourage you to take a min and explore the blog.

Notices: March 29

Em & Lil go to Heaven (Movie stills):   Miss Emily23
From this weeks release, Em & Lil go to Heaven
Starring:Liltxsmile, Jasmine Skyward & MissEmily23

Don Romero:   Miss Emily23
Interview and naughty pictures!!

Try the new Firestorm Viewer:   Scooby Mode
Hey Internet, you all should check out the new Firestorm viewer, you can even choose a Viewer 1 skin and stuff, but check this video out.... It is a cool viewer.

Pics of blue people and their pets:   Cheri Collazo

Ally Gustafson:   Miss Emily23
Interview and naughty pictures!!

NEW PICS:   Willow Onskan

Video:  Rear Entry:   Elijah Pyrithea
Sassy invites Pleasure over at her house. They are long time best-friends. They enjoy some time in the pool, but Pleasure wants more as always, when she visits Sassy. They fondle a bit near the pool but soon they explore each-others internals with their strap-ons. Enjoy some hot lesbian friend action.


BEST IN ANGELS - NOW!:   Grizel  Halberstadt
BEST IN Angels!!! We have angels and  Fallen Angels  on the floor and  giving away the cutest  sex thing ever a moon and stars, cute for any cloud skybox. It is PACKED with anims and you coudl win it by getting on the board! Event  Just started so come on down in your wings! I attached a pic of the prize, it's SO cute! (1-3pm!)

Full body pic.......on Flicr, and a few updates:   Quinn Ying
Updated my Flickr photostream with a couple shots ... and blogged some sex sessions on the run:

Elena Ghost:   Miss Emily 23
Interview and naughty pictures!!


Casting call for good imaginative guys!:   Quinn Ying
Looking forward to work with a huge number of promising pornstars!
The project will involve a number of guys to feature in themed photoshoots to be published on my blog
I require you to be a good looking avie and to have a location and story involving you and me that will accompany the pictures on my blog.
Candidates should send their submission, story and portraits in a NC named with your SL name. Will be glad to work with those who will meet the requirements :)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Don Romero

Interview: 037
Name: Romerot
Country: Malaysia
Second Life Birthdate: January 17, 2011
Experience:  None
Will do: No men or animals.
Fantasy do's A girl on his shoulder eating her, one on the sofa, pounding her.

Ally Gustafson

Interview: 036
Name: Ally Gustafson
Country: Germany
Second Life Birthdate: February 11, 2007
Experience: A few clips
Will do: No scat, blood, animals or underage.
Fantasy do's On stage with men watching, strip of sexy lingerie, then and orgy.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Notices March 28th


Pics of blue people and their p...;Cheri Collazo

New Shoot From Winter at WP; Winter Lycheborne
And you just thought kitties hated water ...these two enjoy their bathtime

I'm So Lonesome I could cry; Scooby Mode Even when you're free, you're still lonely sometimes, so check  the movie out=]

The debute movie from House... Detron Seorn
Greetings every sexy pornstar!
House of Ghost is proud to present our debute movie "Encounter In Paradise", recently released at:


Also please congratulate Elena Ghost for her first movie. Welcome her to the wonderful world of SL adult industry and movie making.

Hump-day Party: MissEmily23
NOW to 3pm, TODAY  March 28th at Porn*Stars Night Club

Dirty Little Girl DJ Moonie (Deka Teardrop) will be playing the music.
Every piece of furniture in the club has a sex menu, so cum, bring a friend and try everything out. Listen to some great music and get naked with your fellow porn stars!!

NEW MOVIE- Skin; Luther Blackburn
A girl walks into a tattoo parlor and tells the artist she wants to get a little work done... the artist gets a little more then he is expecting!

Starring Kimber Sloan and Luther Blackburn

Concept by Kai Baby
Directed by Luther Blackburn

The ShoeWhore..erm, i mean S...; Ayara Illios
The ShoeWhore..erm, i mean Store..the ShoeStore

Another weird production by Ayara!

Starring DeMarcus.

And to be continued...,-i-mean-Store..The-ShoeStore

Detron Ghost; MissEmily23
Interview and naughty pictures!!

SUPER SHAG: Ultimate Lust (Sli..; Candie Bianco
Check Out What's Coming Very Soon From PIXXXEL PORN!

Here's a lil peek at our newest full HD movie that's in editing right now! It should be release by this weekend and I can't wait! It's Super HOT and chronicles Superman and Wonder Woman's (not so secret) love affair. Wonder Woman found out for herself why they really call him, "The Man of Steel" when she finally got a taste of Kal-El's ultimate lust!

Happy Hour; Moonie
So my girlie Cedies and I were trying to earn some extra bucks for our shopping addictions so we decided to hop the poles in this dirty little dive we came across when these two hot guys walk in and well things get a little hot....... we never did earn that extra shopping money lol

Hump-day Party; MissEmily23
1 to 3pm, TODAY  March 28th at Porn*Stars Night Club

Dirty Little Girl DJ Moonie (Deka Teardrop) will be playing the music. Linda & Emily will be naked hosting the event.
Every piece of furniture in the club has a sex menu, so cum, bring a friend and try everything out. Listen to some great music and get naked with your fellow porn stars!!

Raelin & Scooby; MissEmily23
After the Hump-day party Raelin, Scooby and me went down to the dock to lay in the sun, they got a little friendly!! X-rated part

Jinx Strolls into a Theater and...;Poison Enzyme
Another shoot From one of the CEO's of Fantasy Dreamz Inc Poison Enzyme. Brought to you by Dirty Lil Girl Productions, Jinx Walked into the Theater that dark night for a show and possibly some dinner. Please make sure to read the captions on each photo to hear the rest of his story.

Khalid Dubrovna; MissEmily23
Interview and naughty pictures!!

Skin re-uploaded; Luther Blackburn
i heard some people were having issues with the original upload of this movie, so i uploaded a second variant of the film till the first can be fixed... or at least have someone have a look at it.  Hope you guys enjoy


Interview: 033
Name: khalid dubrovna
Country: Canada
Second Life Birthdate: May 29, 2008
Experience: 3 or 4 films, a dozen photo shoots
Will do: No pee, scat, or men.
Fantasy do's Threesome with 2 women that will let him lick and suck their toes (foot fetish).

Notices March 27th

Doom Divas - After hours; Natasha Firegrave
Hey all! I'm back with a new flick, entitled 'After Hours' starring myself, Natasha Firegrave, and Wolf(Draven Starflare)!  Hope you enjoy!

JAMAICAN SPRINGTIME. by Laurita; Laurita Pessoa
I invite all you to watch my new vid "Jamaican Springtime", starring by Smooth Hammerer, Cheri Collazo, Talhya Sieyes & me.

Jillina Davi; Liltxsmile

New pics.; Herim Cygnet
With me and Stefan M enjoying the view although some science fiction got involved later..Not sure if i`ll keep the two photos description text as it is or i`ll change it or delete it.



Notices; MissEmily23
Every wonder how many of them you really miss? Or just forgot to go back and ready one when you were in a hurry?
All * SL PORN * group notices are  reposted here daily.
One hott picture is selected from the links and posted as well!!
Yesterdays Notices:

Party Pictures; MissEmily23
Party pictures from the weekend porn star party (part 2)
If you were at this weeks party, you're probably in these pictures. if you weren't at the party, you should see what you missed!!!

Ramon Silvertongue Mystiere; MissEmily23
Interview and nude pictures!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

This Weekends Porn Star Party

Friday 1:00 - 3:00 SLT at the Wolfpack

Party Pictures

Party pictures from the weekend porn star party (part 2):

 Click"Read more" to see the rest!!

Chapter 2, How to be a SL Porn Star

Have a flattering profile and picture.

A profile picture is so important and a good one that shows you at that, not your house or partner.
Countless times I have seen people post in group chat “I want to be a porn star.” So the first thing I do is look at their profile, if you can’t at least have a picture, then why should anyone want to use you? Most everyone in the group wants to be a porn star!

You are marketing yourself, your look, so you MUST have a profile picture! It’s not that difficult to point the camera at yourself and snap a picture. No one will criticize you for not having a great picture, as long as you make an effort.

Your profile: I know cute sayings are suppose to be cute and everyone wants some personality, but when you post stuff like “I’m a bitch”, “Diva”, “Mean Bastard” to strangers in your profile, why should anyone want to work with you? If that’s not a red flag, I don’t know what is!

Use your profile to promote yourself, post a link to your flickr account, your blog and your last movie, not your attitude and how difficult you are.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Ramon Silvertongue Mystiere

Interview: 032
Name: Ramon Mystiere
Country: Canada
Second Life Birthdate: April 24, 2010
Experience: 1 film
Will do: No scat, tentacles, genitalia piercing, pee, death, dismemberment or cuntbois.
Fantasy do's:Anything involving herms, shemales, fembois or females and I'm one happy fox.

Notices March 26th

Dom gets a visit from Eva at his..; evageline Brunswick
 this is  my photo shoot with Dominick Hargrove... enjoy

Party Pictures; MissEmily23
Party pictures from the weekend porn star party (part 1)

Sunny Dayz; MissEmily23
Interview and naughty pictures!!

Raelin & Scooby; MissEmily23
After the Hump-day party Raelin, Scooby and me went down to the dock to lay in the sun, they got a little friendly!!

Casting call - male needed; Winter Lycheborne
Looking for a male for a couple of projects i have in mind.
Contact me for more info.

3 SHOOTS AS 1 WAS TO BIG!!!; Willow Onshan
Bedroom Beauties

Some of the hottest beauties in sl relaxing in the bedroom in their sexy lingerie
Bedroom BodZ

sl's hottest male pornstars relaxing at home by the fire in thier unmentionables.mmm

Bedroom Buddies

Hot and steamy times in the bedroom with some hot pornie couples.

Brothers Until The End; Scooby Mode  One of my most saddest, and emotional pieces of art I have created. Brothers Until The end...... War is hell, but we live on no matter what. Please check this out, thank you.

Sunny Dayz

Interview: 031
Name: Sunii
Country: USA
Second Life Birthdate: February 05, 2011
Experience: None
Will do: Anything
Fantasy do's: Interracial threesome with two men.

Party Pictures

Around noon on Saturday Linda and I were talking about this weekend’s porn star party. Earlier in the week we were told of a venue for it but we never received confirmation. Candi was offline so Linda contacted the venue owner and she was unclear as to what was going on. Linda told her if she wanted to host it we would help promote it, but at the time she was busy and unsure about a DJ.

So we asked Moonie if she could DJ for the party and we hosted it at our club. We sent a message to Candi letting her know our plans and within one hour had this weekend’s party rocking.

If you would like to host next weekend’s porn star party please contact Candi Mendle and try to get confirmation on everything Wednesday morning so we can start spreading word of the party by Wednesday afternoon.

Party pictures from the weekend porn star party (part 1)

 Click "Read more" to see the rest!