Thursday, December 18, 2014

December 13th * SL PORN * Party

The Party of the week, at Porn*Stars Night Club!!

Great crowd this weekend!!
If you were at this weekends party, you might be in these pictures. If you couldn't make it, you should see what you missed!!
DJ Zoey played a fantastic set!!
Pictures by Erin!

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Porn Cinema

Notice on: Friday, December 12th, 2014
Porn Cinema, Morph Wyx

Cream Release

Interview: # 519
Name: Cream Release
Country: United States
Second Life Birthdate: September 25, 2010
Why Porn:  Would you believe profile surfing? Somehow I got started talking to partee about boobs and next thing you know "Gee, porn sounds like hot sexy fun!"
Sexual Orientation:  Bisexual. I lean toward cocks, but I love it all.
Won't do: I kinda go by the mantra "If it looks good and feels good, do it," but that pee/scat stuff isn't my cup of tea.
Experience:  I have a spread in the January 2014 issue of BUSTed, as well as a shoot with Tatiana Easterwood that I did with Dominic Dawes. Aside from that, it's just been a snapshot here and there. I've started working on some of my own pics, but I'm still pretty new at it.
Favorite Sex Act:   grins. "I absolutely love blowjobs. Deep, shallow, balls... yum!"
Dominate or Submissive: I'm mostly submissive, but I can switch..
Hand Job or Titty Fuck: Visually, titty fuck looks nicer, but I can RP a better hand job.. 
Blow Job or Anal Sex: Blowjob! (( Then anal. I'm greedy. ))
Would you have sex with a director to get a part:   Just to get in a movie, no. For fun, sure.
Do I make you Nervous:   A little.
Fantasy porn scene: A gangbang, I suppose. Something a little rough, very animalistic. Or the flip side... something retro and classy, drawing contrast between a really elegant setting and costumes with really sordid sex. 

Notices, December 17th

Exploring with Asari, Alexus Minotaur

What a best way to spend the night than having sex with a hot lady like Asari.

Enjoy the resume of the session:

Married Jazzmyn plays while hubby's away!, Kane Daffyd

There's something so hot about forbidden fruit! IN this stunning shoot, sexy Jazzmyn invites a friend over for s spot of late night cheating that is a sight for sore eyes...along with Jazzmyn herself!


= House Of Pleasure = Luxury  Club Welcome, Vanhelsing Svoboda

(attachment only)


BUSTed Flickr Gallery, Elenamichaels Core

Oh so many lovely pics on the Busted Flickr group this past week it was so hard to choose! If you love boobs you'll love BUSTed.
Next post will be of your Xmas pics, so make sure you post your lovely festive Bra fillers.
Love Rachel XXX


A double douse of hot sex, NYMale69

Kali invited me over for a visite and thing heated up take a look
 next RachelChristne droped by saw the pillows by the pool desided to relax and things got going quickly


Rachels Grotto, Elenamichaels Core

Since posting my Rachels Grotto pics, I've had that many requests to visit it that I have made it open to everyone to use. All you need to do is tp to my store Rachel Swallows Creations then take the teleporter, its right at the landing point in the store. Enjoy! HoHoHo
Lots of Love Rachel XXX


just 8 nites till xmas.... today with..., Thorgal McGillivary

just 8 nites till xmas.... today with...


Rachels Xmas Grotto, Elenamichaels Core

More visitors to my grotto James Wolfgang, Shadow Walker and Crystallia Nakajima. HoHoHo!
Seasons Greetings
Rachel Swallows XXX


Just havign a little fun..., Kalika Juliesse

Got a little inspired, so decided to toss on something cute and take some pics. Enjoy!



Keeley Snowfall is my K, Heiko Himmel

as part of The Alphabet - The Series


6 ways to please a man!, Fionaelise

Edvard Taurion pretty much enjoyed this.
Check this


Porn*Stars Humpday Party: Today 1:00PM SLT!!!, Zoey Winsmore

Today it is time to take a mid-week break from all the busy Xmas Porn projects and enjoy the longest running porn star party!!!

From 1:00PM-3:00PM SLT, DJ Zoey will start Humpday with your request songs followed by mixing music for you all to dance. Emily will be hosting the party. The club is having a new looks so cum listen to some great music, see the new club and meet with Pornstars, Photographers and Directors...

LM is included, see you all at 1:00PM SLT


Wild E R O T I C A  Video, Morph Wyx

Porn Cinema
Starring Morph Wyx - Laurel Bradders


Provocative Magazine December Issue, Rosalee Rhiadra

It's finally here! The December issue of Provocative Magazine featuring Coralie Bilasimo, Katina Cazalet, Alina Animations and much more!

Follow the link for the online version:

A hard copy will be available later today!



Telephone sex, Jodi Sharple

Because some of you asked me to make another one.
So here it is.


My first T girl, Fionaelise

My very first T-Girl experience. ...and i loved it! :)
Check here


Tattooed, Jodi Sharple

Tattooed: Lord bane posing
Enjoy Jodi


Mistress Ginger's First Set, Ginger Haedong

Here are just some of the pictures I took of me getting self pleasure from a machine.


new adult furniture review, Edvard Taurion

[AF] Under The Christmas Tree
100% mesh fully decorated xmass tree with texture changer and awesome sex and much more menu

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Dear Santa Claus

Notice on: Monday, December 15th, 2014
MOVIE RELEASE - Dear Santa Claus, Erin Cedarbridge

Notices: 16th December 2014

Santa's cabin is ready for a party!: Carlos Macalpine

Hello sexy people! the rumor is that Santa rented this small but convenient cabin with some of his favorites toys for the pleasure of his naughty elves, he was kind enough to lend me the keys so I can use it for those unrated shots you all love to enjoy in your "personal time".

I'll leave you with some pics of the set. Hit me up for more info


Ravi: MissEmily23

Still a porn Virgin
Interview and naughty pictures!!!

If you want to do an interview IM me (if I'm on) and NC (if offline)


Marry xmass and happy new year: Edvard Taurion

from Taurion's castle and SL adult furniture blog and equipment


I love the Hollidays: Hoobdiddy

BE & Rachel wanted to come over and spend a Cold December night with me :)

Part 1

Part 2

Stay Tuned for Part 3 & 4


Sometimes, all you need...: Sandra Palletier

... is a good spanking. Don't you think ? Let me show you a few pics to convince you :)


9 more nights till xmas with...: Thorgal McGillivary

go take a look:


New Photos! Naughty Fashion 10!: Erika Thorkveld

More naughty pics than just sexy ones this time. *grins* Loads of thanks to Rachel Christine for posing for me!
On my Flickr:
On my blog:
Enjoy! *winks*


new adult furniture review: Edvard Taurion

MP Noir - Thehtt Tree of Pain and Joy SERIES 2
ideal all season decoration with awesome menu

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Interview: # 519
Name: ravaredfield
Country: I'm from Germany
Second Life Birthdate: January 09, 2014
Why Porn:   Well, I love to be naked, have sex and to masturbate. And all this I like in front of others. I am very open minded. Then is there my passion for movies. I love movies. So maybe I can fuse them *smiles*
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Won't do: There is only one, which I never will do: Sex with children. Other things like rape or scat I am curious myself if I can handle it.
Experience:  Right now: none. About three weeks ago I started to shoot photos and read many blogs. Like to learn.
Favorite Sex Act:   Oh, there are many *laughs* I like teasing and licking. Doggy style and Lotus, sideways. Especially watching others and be watched myself with my partner when we have sex or masturbate. Oh and groupsex!
Dominate or Submissive: More dominant than sub. But want to explore the sub side in me too. Just to figure it out how far I can go.
Hand Job or Titty Fuck:  Hmm ... if I imagine that my left hand take a cock, there is another between my tits ... hey my right hand has nothing to do *smiles* So both. 
Blow Job or Anal Sex: Rawwrrr! Anal sex! *laughs* love it. But blow job is always welcome :)
Would you have sex with a female director to get a part:  *smiles* I think yes, if the director is attractive to me. It is not so important to me if I get a role. The director can't erase me from her mind. And by the way ... it's Sex. Not the end of the world :) 
Do I make you Nervous: no not really.
Fantasy porn scene: Oh yes! There is one ... or more. But one I like. Maybe a beach or a public place. Many woman and men acting omplete normal while everybody is nude. They have sex and kissing everone. They all share love and sex. Just like the paintings of Lui Royo: Dome. If you know.

Notices, December 15th

"Deep Harmony", Meg Corral




MOVIE RELEASE - Dear Santa Claus, Erin Cedarbridge

Movie Stills and Movie
A lonely man writes a letter to Santa Claus, and Santa grants his wish for companionship.

Directed and Produced by Erin Cedarbridge
Story by Erin Cedarbridge
Set Design by Erin Cedarbridge

Larry Vinaver ........... the writer of the letter
Erin Cedarbridge .... Santa's present


PNC Production-Extreme Ways, Alexandria Topaz

Riiver Viperi*Alexandria Topaz.
Riiver took me to Nadines Fuck Bunker and was telling me how excited he'd be to have me right there and then in public.. hmm Such Extreme Ways turned me on. The rest are in his private shrine. lol What's Extreme for you.. Maybe I'll do a set with ya.. smiles.. Hit me up  and let me know.


Ho, ho, ho!, Thorgal McGillivary

A word Santa Clause says three times when he sees your wife, mother and sister together in the same room.

"Ho, Ho, Ho Merry Christmas!"


Rachels Xmas Grotto, Elenamichaels Core

And here we go again the next 3 deposits at Rachels Grotto, Thor, Tristyn and Traci.
Seasons Greetings
Rachel XXXXX


Laurel Bradders, Midnight Shinja

A while back I posed this lady in a short series but never really got to get any information on her. I had her come back and formally get into the gallery in this series. Introducing Laurel Bradders.


Grandpa fuck Niece, Petra Chardin

hi you are looking for an audition or more, the studio 6're there right IM to live orchid, meggy bulmer or me

hallo suchst du eine audition oder mehr,beim  studio 6 bist da richtig,IM an liv orchid,meggy bulmer oder mich


Needed, NYMale69

After the first of the year i will be continuing 3 set  they are as follows if you have posed for any of these
 please do not contact me about that set the models  names are on the pics
just drop me a notecard with which your interested in and your times in SL


Blue, Charlesspain

Model: Darys Laine



Land of the Giants, Fionaelise

Just came across this funny Sim and had to leave my nawty foot prints there:)
 Check full story on my Blog!


new adult furniture review, Edvard Taurion

DIGS - Heritage Loveseat - Brown - Adult [MESH]
New 100% mesh high lod great looking chair with awesome menu


Merry Christmas...., GiseleHendrix

to all of you.... hope you will have good days with your families!


~FROM ERIN'S MEOW~, Erinyes Celestalis

With all the hard work done and the sleigh ready for take-off, it's time for Santa to give his horny Christmas helpers one last jingle on his sleigh bells, "covering the sluts in hot sticky cum just like snowflakes" ~vincecolosimo~

Special Christmas nibbles and licks to B4n3 L goℓdƒire, Maddie, onyx Marabana-Quandry and waif Ah

Tis the season....=^.~=

Monday, December 15, 2014

Notices, December 14th

Merry Christmas....; Gisele Hendrix
to all of you.... hope you will have good days with your families!

~FROM ERIN'S MEOW~; Erinyes Celestails
With all the hard work done and the sleigh ready for take-off, it's time for Santa to give his horny Christmas helpers one last jingle on his sleigh bells, "covering the sluts in hot sticky cum just like snowflakes" ~vincecolosimo~
Special Christmas nibbles and licks to B4n3 L goℓdƒire, Maddie, onyx Marabana-Quandry and waif Ah

Tis the season....=^.~=

Dirty shooting; Rene31 Aeon
Dirty shoot with Onisa thanks hun for this awesome shoot

The Pickup - Part 2; Ali Lancrae
3 more photos to round out this set of the lovely couple, G and Amia, as they play at Elysion..
xo  -Ali

Rachel's Xmas Grotto; ElenaMicheals Core
The next three visitors to my Xmas Grotto, Xalted, Ivori and Jagger, thank you for visiting.
Love Rachel XX

Trophy Wife; NYmale69
A sexy set as Dante comes home to his trophy wife Charlotte

11 nites till xmas with....; Thorgal McGillivary
11 nites till xmas with....

best to turn for advice in SL?; Thorgal McGillivary
best to turn for advice in SL? I have no clue...
but if you're really desperate you could try Henry:

Christmas 2K14; Rene31 Aeon
Merry Christmas pics :)

New photos: Baroque 2...; Erika Thorkveld
... The Harpsichord Lesson

On my Flickr:
On my blog:


Blue Snowflake; Roe Milena
For this festive this is coming around the corner is Crysia Leonov dressing in a light blue mini dress with white snowflake.Posing outside in her beautifull dress telling all have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Here are the links

Scorpion Snow Angels; Willow Ishmene
Thanks to Kali, Partee, Jessica, and Charlotte for posing

Tattooed; jodi Sharple
Model: Lexi Fizzle
Enjoy Jodi

new adult furniture review; edvard Taurion
Fuckin' Mistletoe - [Cuddle/Foreplay/Sex] Regimade
whats more "in season" then mistletoe, plus its got big sex menu to ;)


Ok so these should of been done before Halloween but I'm slow as fuck and was having PC issues so this is just the first 12 of a huge set of a Dirty Girl Dreamz Production, tons more to go but they will be exclusive to the DGD Blog page till I am completely finish posting the entire set so do us a favor and follow us b/c we are back in business and will be doing lots of naughty stuff and FUCK! I'm long winded so I'll shup now and let you Perv

A Little Christmas joy for You; NYmale69
Thanks to all who posed for these pictures

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Notices, December 13th

The Pickup - Part 1, Ali Lancrae

G hires Amia for a private dance - just look what happened  ^^
3 of 6 photos - more to come!
xo  -Ali


WINTER SPORTS!!!, Deka Teardrop

So Ryu and I thought we'd practice for some winter sports hope you like :) oh and to be continued :)
kisses, licks, sucks & fucks
Your Dirty Little Girl


Cum on Your Body 2.0...., Giselehendrix

released at my Store, and I know many of you will enjoy it ;-))
It has now Flexi Cum too.... and over 20 different Appliers for themeshproject and their Mesh Heads!    Trust me, I will make that for Wowmeh, Belleza and Slink Physique too in the next time!

Hugs you all


Merry Christmas from Erin!, Erin Cedarbridge

Santa delivered me under somebody's tree, was it yours??


SL Porn*Stars Party, Part Deux! DJ James taking over!:), Sufferingfrom Lockjaw


It's the DJ James/Hostess Leannan Pornstar! No, really, James and I are taking over the Porn*Stars venue, you all should come hang out and enjoy the perversion;)
Who: DJ James Wolfgang
Where: Porn*Stars Nightclub
When: 3-5PM SLT


Rachels Xmas Grotto, Elenamichaels Core

Day 3 of my Xmas Grotto pics, today we have Johnnyhenry, Robert Stein & Onyx Quandry.

Love Rachel XXX


Winter shooting, Rene31 Aeon

Awesome Winter shoot with Carley thanks hun for this :)


Dec 10th Hump-day Party 2, MissEmily23

If you were at this weeks party, you might be in these pictures. If you couldn't make it you should see what you missed!!
DJ Zoey did fantastically!!

Next Party: Saturday's Party: Saturday, December 13th at Porn*Stars Night Club. Vision (64,32,4001) , 1pm to 3pm slt DJ Zoey will be playing the music and 3pm to 5pm slt DJ James will.


Spoiling Ivori, Ryu Quasimodo

Ivori came over for late night visit, of course me and Moonie had to make she she left with a smile ;) enjoy!!


PornStars SLPorn Party: Starting in 30 mins!!!, Zoey Winsmore

It's Saturday and we have our best Pornstar party starting at 1:00PM with DJ Zoey spinning the hot dancetunes with Emily hosting the party and Erin will be taking the (Naughty) pictures.

Pornstar Parties are a great way to meet other Pornstars as well as the talented Photographers and Directors. The motto is, see and be seen!! And who knows, castings can happen during parties.

At 3:00PM SLT DJ James Wolfgang will take over to sping his tunes with Leannan Wolf


Telephone sex, Jodi Sharple

What do you do when you're bored? Have telephone sex.


PornStars SLPorn Party: Today at 1:00PM SLT!!!, Zoey Winsmore

Today we have our double length SL Porn Party at the PornStars Nightclub.

Starting at 1:00PM SLT with DJ Zoey doing songs and requests for the first hour or so and second hour a mix. Hosting by Emily.


At 3:00PM SLT will be with DJ James Wolfgang spinning his amazing tunes. Hosting by Leannan.

LM included. See you all at the Party!!!


A little Christmas Decorating!!!, Zoey Winsmore

[ Sending this notice out for the photoshoot Jamezz Doulton did. ]

A little Christmas Decorating!!!
SLPorn Photographer: Jamezz T. Doulton

Christmas is always a magical time of year.. Its made even more magical when you spend sometime with the beautiful  Charlotte.

Enjoy!! ^..^


~FROM ERIN'S MEOW~, Erinyes Celestalis

While the elves prepare for the Holiday rush, Santa still finds time to spread his Christmas cheer all over the horny little helpers!

*kandy kane kisses* to Edvard Taurion, Partee, RachelChristine and Markneko Snowpaw......mmmmmwahz!

*love and hugs*
erin =^.~=


Legs Wide Spread, Trailer, MissEmily23

Movie Trailer
A legendary cast mixed with newcomers in their first movie shoot!
Planning started over a year ago!
Production started February 18th 2014
First scene filmed July14th 2014
Last scene filmed November 18th 2014
31 Sets, 30 I custom built
130 Cast members
104 Minutes (4 minutes longer than Succubus) the biggest movie to ever hit secondlife!!

The Official Movie Trailer: (2:40)


new adult furniture review, Edvard Taurion

[AA] Sex Bed ROYAL 5.0M & [AA] Lesbian Bed ROYAL
updated, 10 prims 100% mesh, update free to all owners of the beds


Sunset Dream, Ali Lancrae

To thine own selfie be true  ;)
xo  -Ali


To Take, Carlos Macalpine

This shot was taken at The Turkish Bath in Pigsty Ville and is currently contesting for the best picture. Enjoy it