Friday, October 31, 2014

Open Shoot

Legs Wide Spread is completed with the exception of the 18 minutes in the ritual hall and following orgy!
On Monday November 3rd at 1pm slt I'm shooting the ritual hall scene (just like the pictures below).
I need participants in the ritual and as big of crowd as I can get!!

We'll do the ritual at EWS sim: in the new ritual hall I built for the movie!!
Everyone can come as a visitor just pick up the free mens or women Cloak they have by the Landing Zone, and I will either hand out or have a board to pick up Full Face masks like in the movie, not the  1/2 face ones that come with the cloaks.
Come early to get your cloak and mask, and have time to get dressed!! Women, there is a hood with the cloak you must wear so you will need a hair style that's not big and wild, so plan for that!!

I need a really BIG CROWD and participants!! I know everyone wants to do porn and be in more projects, this is your golden opportunity, You can't say " I never get in any porn" if you pass this up!!!

* SL Porn * Saturday Beach Party

Tomorrow, the BIGGEST & Best Party of the week!!

1pm to 3pm slt, Saturday November 1st, at Porn*Stars Beach

DJ Zoey will be playing the music. Emily will be hosting the event. 
It's on the beach & in the pool so beach wear & swim wear are most appropriate, of course if you cum naked... I doubt anyone will complain and save you the trouble of taking off clothing!!

Cum listen to some great music, and party with the biggest, sexiest and naughtiest names in SL Porn!! As always, nudity and naughtiness is encouraged! Every piece of furniture on the beach has a sex menu, so don't be shy this is a porn star party on an adult sim, the naughtier the better!  

If you're new to SL Porn these parties are a great way to meet & socialize with porn stars and top directors.  A great way to put names you seen in chat with hott bodies!!! See and be seen!!! Movies have been cast at these parties!!!  Hope you all cum and have a great time!

***NOTE: These parties get crowded (40+) so please be conscious of the number of scripts you are wearing, and if you are wearing something high in scripts and not used, please remove it as a courtesy to everyone at the party.
*** WARNING: Naughty pictures will be taken!! So if you're fucking someone that will probably get posted
on this blog for the world to see!! Where as if you stay clothed and stand in one spot, the chances greatly diminish!!

Notices October 30th

Mr Ten Part Three has arrived; Willow Ishmene
Vivi Joy  and Gavin Sona

Little Red Riding Slut; Masuki Silvansky
Little Red Riding Slut was walking through to forest one day when all of a sudden a Big Bad wolf grabed her and force her to do unexpectible things that she so enjoyed..
Hope you all enjoy the pics please leave a comment
Have wolfy Day

~FROM ERIN'S MEOW~; Erinyes Calastails

A little Gothic Love....

Special thanks to Charles Parker....*kisses*

*love and hugs*

if you have a problem....; Thorgal McGillivary
if you got a problem,
and nobody else can help...

there's always Henry!

this time: how much sex is normal?

The Real Red Riding Hood; ElenaMicheals Core
We all know that traditional fairy tales have a twist, well this one has a twist as never seen before.
The Real Red Riding Hood
With Crow Mistwalker as the Wolf & Rachel Swallows as the *nice* girl in Red. Grins Evily.
Love Rachel XXX
(no wolves were harmed in the making of this pornography..much


new adult furniture review; edvard Taurion
AnimAlive *Extreme Desires Rug, filled up with amazing animations and new ideas for femdom play

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Notices October 29th


Rachel Exquisite; ali Lancrae
Once more, the lovely RachelChristine Avro in the final photo of this series.
xo  -Ali

Acey Lounges by herself...; Robert Stein
Another week, another fantastic set of photos, this time with the amazing Acey Heart. I was more than honored when I was  able to shoot with her, and it shows here. Hope all of you will enjoy!


Midnight Sun Appreciation party...; Midnight Shinja
Come celebrate Halloween tonight ! I would like to thank all the viewers, models , and contributors this evening for helping keep the studio one of the most viewed around.
1000l for best costume tonight ! gift cards and a whole lot of fun ! Party starts at 6pm slt - ??.. Come celebrate and be seen !! 

New glamour shoot by Graham; Thorgal McGillivary
New glamour shoot by Graham with the gorgeous DarkAngel as subject...

*unzips and clicks*

Happy Halloween from Ryu and Moonie may you have all the wickedness and naughtiness you can handle this Halloween :)

kisses, licks, sucks & fucks
Your Dirty Little Girl

Editors Favs Busted Halloween; ElenaMicheals Core
Our Halloween Issue of BUSTed  was Awesome here are some of my fav pics.
Love Rachel Swallows

in keeping with the season; Jamezz Doulton
Well in keeping with the season of things that go bump in the night .. be sure to keep your eye open

Porn*Stars: Halloween Costume...; Zoey Winsmore
Today, The longest running porn star party!!! Starting at 1:00PM SLT at Porn*Stars Nightclub with DJ Moonie spinning the tunes for you all and Emily hosting the Halloween Costume Humpday...

Put on a costume or cum nude, this time of year has some of the funest parties, You don't want to miss them!!! Get naked and naughty, every piece of furniture in the club has a sex menu, so don't be shy this is a porn party on an adult sim!!

Limo Included....

October 25th * SL PORN * Beach...; MissEmily23
Erin's Pictures
The Party of the week, at Porn*Stars Beach!!!
 If you were at this weekends party, you might be in these pictures. If you couldn't make it you should see what you missed!!
DJ Zoey did fantastically!!

Next Party: Hump-day/ Halloween Party: 1pm to 3pm slt Wednesday, October 29th at Porn*Stars Night Club.

The Scorpions are having a party; Willow Ishmene
Click the link for the details.. Look forward to seeing you all there.

Sere and the Devil; Louisered Faulds
As Haloween appraches, Sere proves she is hot enough for anyone.

new adult furniture review; edvard Taurion
Smooching Serpents Module HotLodge
Fully furnished and decorated winter cabin that you can buy, use in your vehicles and rezzers or rent. Read all about it on:

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Notices October 28th

Vivi' Mr Ten Part two; Willow Ishmene
Thanks to Tara Warblood  Eris and Gavin Sona for shooting with me ...
Mr Ten.... Finally Happy at Home

Vivi' Mr Ten; Willow Ishmene
Thanks to Jamezz for shooting with me this is my first of the series.

(Each picture has a lil section of the story)

Happy Halloween; Meg Corral



Rachel Enthralled; ali Lancrae
More of the lovely RachelChristine Avro
xo  -Ali

Spam! (sorry ;) ; Thorgal McGillivary
but have to make sure you all read this euhm... erotic story attempt from me :)

(follow the blog and freakin leave a comment you all! I'lld do naughty things to thank you for it!)

Multi-ball!! ; Thorgal McGillivary
I'm a pinball wizard!!

Mary; CharlesSpain
Model: Mary Hyandi


Chilling; Jamezz Doulton
Want to thank Vivian for coming and letting me snap a few pics of her just chilling ..

New picture by AleXo; Alexandr Aho
Born for feel dicks

Photographer: Alexandr Aho
Model: Katerine Avon

Charlottexoxoxo; Midnight Shinja
As I continue thru my series of blues and pinks I ran across Miss Charlotexoxoxo and she was a natural fit for this month.. Reappearing now at the MidnightSun hopefully more often too .. Enjoy !

new adult furniture review; edvard Taurion
*DEDICATED* Forced 3 some MMF sex balls box - copyable
New set of premium animations, expand furniture that you love, build new one, or just have fun on them ;)

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

October 25th * SL PORN * Beach Party 2


The Party of the week, at Porn*Stars Beach!!!
If you were at this weekends party, you might be in these pictures. If you couldn't make it you should see what you missed!!
DJ Zoey did fantastically!!!
Pictures by Erin!

Click "Read more" to see the rest!!

Notices, October 27th

October 25th * SL PORN * Beach Party, MissEmily23

The Party of the week, at Porn*Stars Beach!!!
 If you were at this weekends party, you might be in these pictures. If you couldn't make it you should see what you missed!!
DJ Zoey did fantastically!!

Next Party: Hump-day/ Halloween Party: 1pm to 3pm slt Wednesday, October 29th at Porn*Stars Night Club.  Dirty Little G


.-=: RJ Studios :=-. presents, Raelin Jestyr


Happy Halloween everyone!



Simply Racheal, Ali Lancrae

The lovely RachelChristine Avro
xo  -Ali

Dead Pool, Elenamichaels Core

More Halloween fun with the great stuff i picked up from the Finesmith Hunt.
Love Rachel XXX


VIEMSL Storytime: Wet, Thorgal McGillivary

Wet... or how I found some unexpected but very enjoyable company in my pool...

New erotic story on VIE MSL by Thorgal McGillivary


Sandra & Jocelyn, Sandra Pelletier

A sweet pet of mine enjoying some tender care...



When i think about you....I touch myself, Evangeline Brunswick

I close my eyes and see you before me....
I'd get down  on my knees, Id do anything for you
Eva B

Sun Goddess 3, Ali Lancrae

Photo (and admiring glance) by Jinx Jiersen
xo  -Ali


BCA Month Continues with the Hotties, Asetta Nokkers

Three Hotties Exclusive pictures in support of Breast Cancer Awareness! One from Tatiana and two from Rosa.  Remember self exams and follow this link to see how you can help, thank you Rosa and Tati for some great shots!


So Aged Colours, Marika Blaisdale

Last set in this series:

Thanks to all models for posing.


Audition Liv Orchid, Petra Chardin


Aroused! Models - Remamian Takashi, Marika Blaisdale

Aroused! Magazine Featured Model, Remamian Takashi, from issue 12:

Newest issue both on mp and issuu for free:



Missing, Jamezz Doulton

When you are wanting someone to be close and they are not you find yourself lost in thought missing them and wishing they were near.   check it out...


new adult furniture review, Edvard Taurion

Something Else - Gentlemans Chair 4.0 Piquet Blue CPY-TC
classic and timeless designed chair, with texture changer, big menu and all that you need for quality romantic or dome/sub RP scenario


After Bath Care, Willow Ishmene

Quick lil 3 pic shoot .. I was playing with filters.

Vivi Joy and Leo


Sun Goddess 2, Ali Lancrae

Photo by Jinx Jiersen
xo  -Ali

Monday, October 27, 2014

October 25th * SL PORN * Beach Party


The Party of the week, at Porn*Stars Beach!!!
 If you were at this weekends party, you might be in these pictures. If you couldn't make it you should see what you missed!!  
DJ Zoey did fantastically!!!

 Click "Read more" to see the rest!!

Notices, October 26th

Estrogenic! Duo - Front, Rear & Everything ^^, Ali Lancrae

Pornysister Dance Moves with Anyka at Oct 22 SL Porn Club Party - 3 new pics
xo  -Ali


"Pink tints my world, Sandra Pelletier

... keeps me safe from my troubles and pain."



Casting Call, Deirdre Paulino

I'm planning to do some big new photoshoots over the next few weeks.  See the attached notecard for details!


VIEMSL's Sinful Sunday: Bed Bath by Laura, Thorgal McGillivary

we've have probably all been there... uncomfortably trying to hide the excitement caused by the nurse just doing her job. And we know it's futile ofcourse. Not only because it's hard... to hide - but even more because we all agree the nurse also deserves some fun for all her appreciated love and care... We men have all been there... right?


Blondie, Charles Spain

Model: Véronica



Pool Side Shooting, Vierithra

Hey Everyone!

My first Notice :))

I had Steph over at my little house, were working on a pose and image.
Than lisa came over and this set was kinda creating while going with the flow:

Photos&Poses made by me.

Please tell me what you think about it & hope you like it!



Witchy Halloween, Roe Milena

This month sexist star is Amanda Sarlo,dressed in her favorite Halloween outfit.Being the sexy star she decided to pose on a decorted land that is all ready for the spookiest holiday this.Posing with her little scarecrow kitty on a broom and on her shoulder.And leaning up against the wall with some horses in the background


Nikki, Jamezz Doulton

Just wanted to thank the beautiful Nikki for taking time this morning and letting me snap a few pics of her :) .. I hope you enjoy


new adult furniture review, Edvard Taurion

DIGS - Heritage Armchair - Brown w/blanket - Adult [MESH], timeless and detailed, available in many colors and in adult and PG version.