Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Only 3 more Days!!

Until September's Tournament ends

Friday September 30th at 4pm SLT the voting ends!!! So HURRY and get those votes in!!
The male and female winners will each be crowned Prince and Princess of Porn!!

The Prince and Princess will each receive :

  • A 10 to 14 photo solo pictorial shot by a quality photographer
    • Posted in  this blog
  • A 10 to 14 photo hardcore pictorial together shot by a quality photographer
    • Posted in this blog
  • A place in the King & Queen of Porn calendar for 2018
  • 50% of the money spent on casting votes for them
  • And of course group tags "Prince of Porn" or "Princess of Porn"
The next Tournament will start October 1st at12am SLT, so get entered for that if your not already in!!

Notices, September 27

A Girl and her Iron Horse Cream Release

Let's ride!

Male Casting Call Atila Zepp

Looking for a Male to be in a Photo Shoot. IM \ NC me if you are interested, Thank You.

New ~SL~ Connoisseur Magazine October, 1 Year Anniversary Edvard Taurion

Dear friends and readers, here it is, new 1 Year anniversary ~SL~ Connoisseur Magazine October issue. I'll take this opportunity to wish my self, my hard working staff and our sponsors and readers happy first birthday of yours and our Magazine. Thickest one so far, with highest quality. 1 year and still growing stronger. I hope you will enjoy it!

Lazy Afternoon Jezzi Mornington

Laying in the afternoon sun on Topless Tuesday

I hope you all enjoy :)

Autumn Day Racheal Rexen

Hiya Pornies, If you missed it, check out my new picture, Autumn Days

Wet Kisses, Racheal Rexen

Shecock Lust Louisered Faulds

Sometimes you have to give in to it

WOOT Titty Tuesday! Court Faith

The lovely Amber

And myself :)

PNC-Boobie Aficionado Alexandria Topaz

Happy Tit Tuesday

Harmony and Bianca Thetylergreen

New set of pics with a a couple of friends.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Summer 4

From the Notice Post on: Monday, September 26, 2016

The Summer 4 Dillon Lecker

My new movie, the 4th part of our Summer series, starring Carly Mode, Brea Brianna, C.J. Rockwell, Katina Cazalet, Marika Blaisdale and Monique LeFry.

Enjoy :)

Notices, September 26

Being sent home!! Parthenea

The Principal just wouldn't listen to my explanation that this uniform met the codes defined for school uniforms.  Well, perhaps it also had something to do with being cuaght in the bathroom with the football team!!

Happy Ass Monday Bewitched Difference

Love Be x

September Sex Neva and Don!!!  Don Roodborst

More Water Please Crystal Diabolito

Model: Mera Firelyte

So I was feeling alittle dirty from rolling in the dirt all day outside...

So I felt about taking a bit of a bath...
"May I have more water please?"

Pose & Editing done by: Mera Firelyte

♥ Mera ♥

Garden View Racheal Rexen

Hiya Sexies, new picture, if you missed clicked the link to see it, Garden View,  Enjoy!!

Wet Kisses, Racheal Rexen

Going my Way? Jeffcosgrove

If you know anything about the SL Porn blog, you already know this lovely lady.
Racheal needed a lift.

Hot Bath Yakumo23

I wanted to share with all of you, this intense and enjoyable time for a shower, with this, my wonderful friend. I hope that you all you share my opinion ^^

Don't forget to scroll for see more


UpClose & Personal Marika Blaisdale Alexandria Topaz

Diversity & Creativity

A. Topaz

Good Morning Court Faith

Beaver's Digest  - Volume 7 Katina Cazalet

A bit of this and a bit of that ! A recap of what went on last week, and a harbinger of things to come ! ....well I am not sure about the last part, but still, check out the Beaver's Digest. Movies, magazines, a look around pr0n and stuff !

NEXTTTTTTTTTTTTT Bewitched Difference
Love Be x

The Spa Sandra Palletier

****Flickr Update****
Hello Pornies ! You know what ? I have gottent myself a nice spa. Comfy and all. With nice tools.. Miss Evangela can attest that it is so very enjoyable. Proofs by pics !


Helping Guides in the SL Porn Industry Ravaredfield

Hello everyone.

On my Blog I post a summery of guides that helped me to evolve in our wonderful erotic world.

I hope this can help others on their way of art.

Faced Nymale69

That what Darkangel69 vig wanted and thats what she got

Monday, September 26, 2016

Notices, September 25

Breakfast is Served Court Faith

The Lullaby in My Head Manuel Tyran

The First Love ...the first touch.. is like a Lullaby in your head.. a Lullaby that can't be forgotten burns into your thoughts.. burns into your memory..It becomes part of your life they become part of your life and they are seen in all the peaces of your life...

I only need you...and i will leave all my worries behind.

Brought to you by Drop Dead Diva Production's
Much Love <3 Ella xoxo

Coming Soon Camron McMahon

Just a little Teaser for something coming very very soon.

Maggie Secretary Slut Maggie Bluxome

Just a fanasty of mine. ;D

The Meadow Rachelchristine Avro

As you can see Louise and Sere are still in love and enjoying a quiet afternoon in the Meadow I watch them from afar  as they becoming playfully.

The Summer 4 Dillon Lecker

My new movie, the 4th part of our Summer series, starring Carly Mode, Brea Brianna, C.J. Rockwell, Katina Cazalet, Marika Blaisdale and Monique LeFry.

Enjoy :)

Good Morning!! Court Faith

Hello my beauties!!! I need a male model please. I am looking for a specific look, so hit me up, we'll see if you're a match.

New Adult Furniture Review  Edvard Taurion

DIGS - Dempsey Bedroom Set - Adult [MESH]
Great new set in superb design, adult menu and all what we use to have in DIGS furniture. Read all about it on:

2fer Sunday! X111571

Orange & Pink w/ Sєνєяíηα & Marcus

with love, Ali Fox xoxox

Sunday, September 25, 2016


From the Notice Post on: Saturday, September 24, 2016

Playtime - Movie #2 for moi Brea Brianna

enjoy if you must :P

xoxo Brea

Notices, September 24

French Breakfast  Nymale69

Would any of you ladies or t-girls care to join me

Waiting Court Faith

Playtime Ryu Quasimodo

Playtime so good its all explosive before expected, Enjoy ;)

Caris Crystal Diabolito

Model: Caris Rain Kelly

So I met someone new yesterday on second life...

And when I showed her some of my work, she was interested in it and well I ended up taking a few photos for her...

She instantly enjoyed them...
And I hope you all enjoy them as well...

Pose & Editing done by: Mera Firelyte

♥ Mera ♥

Models Manuel Tyran

Looking for a full mesh female model that i have not used before or have not shot much of.Setting a shoot up for tonight drop me an IM :)

Paddling of Barbie Jagger Classito

I had an awesome set this afternoon, I invited Barbie over for a set and like a champ she too everything I gave her. Check it out here

Natural Beauty Court Faith

The Porn*Star Party continues with DJ Leannan!!!  Sufferingfrom Lockjaw

A little bit of this, a little bit of that!  I am still celebrating my 6th year of DJing (well, as this avvie.. lol), so having a bit of fun with the top songs through the years I have been rocking the adult community;)  Come out and celebrate, commune with other pornies, get picked up by a photographer or director for a future shoot, and hell fuck right there on the dance floor!!  Let's get dirty and rock the night out!

Became Lovers Nymale69

just something done thinking on a wim with a pose i have thank Darkangel69 Vig to for posing

The World Famous Porn*Stars Beach Party!! Zoey Winsmore

The party you don't want to miss to be seen, to cum... meet and socialize with others in our Porn Industry starts at 1:00 PM SLT with me mixin up the music and Emily hosting.

Our official Party Sponsor, MP Noir, has donated giftcards for two raffle winners, more info:

LM is included.

New Adult Furniture Review Edvard Taurion

Xplicit Lovers Lounge (c)
New impeccably made product from XPLICIT FURNISHINGS sex furniture, great in design and performance. Read all about it on:

Beautiful Rachel Court Faith

My morning started off beautiful

I even got to enjoy breakfast.

Casting Call Beequeen Smythe

for my mugshot project i am looking for models.... i gona shoot monday tuesday again, pls IM me to make arrangements

Police Nymale69

dorable was stop by an officer as she was turning tricks and did the only thing she knew how to keep from going to jail

Saturday, September 24, 2016

* SL PORN * Saturday BEACH Party!!!

Today, The World Famous Porn*Stars Beach Party!!

 Saturday September 24th, 1pm to 3pm slt on The World Famous Porn*Stars Beach: 
DJ Zoey Winsmore will be playing the music. 
I (Emily) will be hosting.  

  MP Noir is our party sponsor this week!!!

This party 2 raffle winners will each receive a L$1,000 gift card redeemable at MP Noir!!! This is done so that you can pick the prize you want instead of being stuck with the ones I picked from MP Noir. The raffle is free to enter so there is no reason not to!! The raffle board randomly selects the winner, no voting, everyone entered has a fair and equal chance!! 

Be sure to check out MP Noir Marketplace and In-World Store!!

Parties are made so you can meet others in porn, make some friends and help you get cast. There is a lot of comers and goers in porn and the best way to let people like myself know you're interested or still available is to come to parties, I cast people not names, no one casts sight unseen, no one gets discovered or remembered sitting at home, you need to show whether you want to be a part of this community or not!! Parties are a golden opportunity so take it!!! See and be seen!!! Hope you all cum and have a great time !

So put on something "beachy" on, swim suit or nude works best because it is HOTT on the beach!! Cum listen to some great music, enter for a chance to win a L$1,000 gift card redeemable at MP Noir and party with the biggest names in SL Porn!! As always, nudity and naughtiness is encouraged! Most every piece of furniture on the beach has a sex menu, so don't be shy this is a porn star party on an adult sim, the naughtier the better!! 

***NOTE: We want to make this party enjoyable for all, because of the size of the crowd (40+) at this party we ask that everyone be under 100 scripts.  A script counter is set at the landing zone and shows the 10 most heavily scripted avis to help you know if you are one, also  the "Doorman" will be active and give you 8 minutes to reduce your scripts if you exceed the limits before ejecting you. We want to do everything we can to make these parties enjoyable for everyone and reducing lag is a big part of it.
*** WARNING: Naughty pictures will be taken!! So if you're fucking someone that will probably get posted on this blog for the world to see!! Where as if you stay clothed and stand in one spot, the chances greatly diminish!! 

Sex Therapy

From the Notice Post on: Friday, September 23, 2016

Charlotte stars in "Sex Therapy" Kane Daffyd

The latest movie from Pixel Sin features the gorgeous Charlotte getting some sexual healing that she won't soon forget. This hot blonde gets too close to her therapist, and gets a sticky conclusion. Enjoy!

KD :)
Sex Therapy from Pixel Sin on Vimeo.

Notices, September 23

Time to play  Court Faith

Standing in the way of Control Stacia Reinoir

Your back's against the wall
There's no-one home to call
You're forgetting who you are
You can't stop crying
It's part not giving in

She's Got A Ticket To Ride Jeffcosgrove

Monique had a ticket to ride, and she don't care.

PNC- Happy Fellatio Friday- Dirty Alexandria Topaz

A. Topaz

Playtime - Movie #2 for moi Brea Brianna

enjoy if you must :P

xoxo Brea

Be a Good Girl Nymale69

That what i asked court Faith (aka Pizza Box) to be

Darken.. Bewitched Difference

Love Be x

Did you miss me? Sandra Palletier

Sorry Pornies ! I have been off for some weeks, and RL is a bitch. But i have not forgottent you and here are some fresh edits of olds pics. Not my best works, but well, better than nothing, eh ?


New Adult Furniture Review Edvard Taurion

Zen Studio Living room
New product in best tradition of Zen Furniture, affordable in price, high detailed, with texture changer, adult menu and much more. Read all about it on:

Fellatio Friday - A Celebration of Cock Sucking #5 Isabelle Cheviot

Another week of ball-draining cock-sucking has passed us by and in this week we have more examples than ever before of the high art of fellatio.  So many in fact that we couldn't get them all in here!  Don't see your pic today?  Fear not...there are more weeks to come as long as there are cocks to suck, balls to lick, and cum to swallow.  A huge thank you to Katina Cazalet for her assistance with this post!

September 17th *SL PORN* Saturday Beach Party MissEmily

The party of the week at the World Famous Porn*Stars Beach!!
If you were there, you might be in these pictures. If you couldn't make it, you should see what you missed!!
 DJ Zoey and DJ Wolfgang played wonderfully!
Pictures by Erin!

This week's sponsor was MP Noir!! They donated (2) L$1000 gift cards!!