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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Slassy Saunders

Interview: # 389
Country: Chile
Second Life Birthdate: December 22, 2007
Sexual orientation: Bisexual, I love have sex with girls and guys, but that's all lol
Why Porn:  Is because I love it, in real I work like a web cam model in different pages and I do some short movies in rl too, so in sl I have a little video like a promo video and that was so fun.
Experience:  Porn movies I only make my promo video long time ago, so if I make a porn movie will be my first time
Won't do:  I wanna exploring, I don't like bds or something make it pain but for to know what is it and learn I can say I  wanna make all. Sometimes when you make it, you can see if you like some new :) we need to exploring and make it and then decide if you like.
Would you have sex with a director to get a part: If he is hot why not?
Fantasy porn scene: In a Church, with nuns and priest there mmm omg!!! A threesome m f m for beginning and ending in a orgy