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Friday, August 28, 2015

ρєɑʀℓ ƒɑɨʀℓɑdγ-єɑsтєʀωღღd

Interview: # 555
Name: Dominique robenet
Country: USA
Second Life Birthdate: December 03, 2007
Why Porn:   Well, I had always modeled. And figured I might as well do an action movie of sorts :
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual, Either gender is fine with me. I am not licky. Females turn me on, as well as males.
Won't do: No, I am bisexual. So anything is ok with me. Other than furry, or beastiality perhaps
Experience: In porn, as in movies. None. However I have posed for erotic photos, Over the corse of two years, I would say about 10-15.
Favorite Sex Act: I like to be riding, actually. The feel of the pelvic bone grinding on my clit...Oh my GOD! Especially if his cock is deep .
Dominant or Submissive: Dominant 
Hand Job or Titty Fuck:  I like both, actually. Tit fuck I do with my implants
Blow Job or Anal Sex: Either is fine with me. But I do love to give great Blow Job emotes.
Would you have sex with a director to get a part:  I believe that to be cheating. SO no, only if the scene requires the director to be in it with me. But I would not lower myself to be that thirsty to be in a movie.
Do I make you Nervous: A little bit, because I am a fan. To be honest. But also, I have typo faries
Fantasy porn scene: Anything actually. I did view a few of yoru films, the New Years eve party/orgy was a turn on. I did enjoy the vocals, or sounds and the sounds of females and males cumming was a turn on 
Something Most don't know about You: I am a big comic con geek. I love Dc comics, and am actually in the Justice League in SL