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Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Interview: # 395
Country: Denmark Eu
Second Life Birthdate: September 24, 2013
Sexual orientation: I am rl and sl bixesuel, most in to girls but I do male
Why Porn: My fantasy my fiction my way to express show I am good enough to have fun .. my rl hunger. love to do all in sex has done most of it now. swinger bdsm cuckold rape gang bang animals demons vampires.. you name it been there.  I got a weekness for black boys has i found out 
Experience: Done 15 movies in 4 month 1 on slporn rest pvt. enough to knock socks of every one will I say. knows I cant use rl in to sl.. but .. fucked over 1000men in sl
Won't do:  Will do all
Favorite Sex Act:  Gang bang, like love it hard raw wild extreme, cum play, rape
Would you have sex with a director to get a part:  I will do all I need to do
Fantasy porn scene: a biker bar maybe .. they are raw .. or a hardcore stripper club   or just a tropical sexy beach.