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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Who's Who Last day!!!

Today is the last day to apply to the Who's Who in SL Porn Guide.

If you already applied, please check it here to see if all is ok. Only names colored in green or yellow will appear in the guide:

If you didn't applied it yet, what are you waiting? Check more info here:

Good luck to everyone!
(Quoted from Alexus)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Who's Who in SL Porn

I think this is worth looking at again.
We plan to submit our information and pictures for this. Even though we have done thousands of pictures we had none to fit the requirement set forth for this. We know that making a magazine type publication obviously has certain size requirement, but at first I thought he wrote the height and width backwards, because it is backwards to the way pictures are taken on a SL viewer.

In any case we planned on shooting new pictures this week using the 900 x 1200 requirement, granted we knew how to change the resolution to get these sizes, but this post by Alexus is VERY helpful and should be read!!!

How can i take a pic with the required size?