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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Interview / Auditions

I noticed Zabava at our Hump-day party  last week, I chatted with her a little, asked if she would be interested in modeling and told her to think it over and if she was interested to comeback to next week’s Hump-day party , and she did so yesterday.

Over the course of that week we moved into our new corporate head quarters (our new offices) and decided this would be a great place to hold interviews. Second Life and SL PORN is constantly changing and we are not capable of putting every Actress or Actor that comes to us into a project (no studio is). So we decide what better place to share our interviews with the SL porn community than right here. So that is just what we’re going to do.

We will take Actresses and Actors into our office and ask them a few question (I’m sure the questions will become more refined as we go) and take a few photos to be posted on this blog. Some will be invited to join our studio and some won’t. Some we’ll schedule a shoot with and some we won’t. But the general idea is to expose these Actresses and Actors to the SL porn community and to perpetuate there porn careers.

Here is our first one.

Interview: 001
Country: Russia
Second Life Birthdate: April 22, 2010
Experience: Little modeling, no porn yet
Will do: Straight, Lesbian, Gangbangs & Orgies
 And some naughtier pictures: