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Sunday, May 6, 2012


Interview: 073
Name: Soumise Rossini
Country:  Switzerland
Second Life Birthdate: July 02, 2007
Experience:  Photo shootings, both soft and hardcore, but no video.
Won't do:  Not into animals or scat, not do I wish to have my body ripped in pieces... don't laugh, I've been asked for that ;)
Fantasy porn scene: Well Soumise, my name, means submissive in french... because that's what I am...
So my fantasy scene sees me wearing a hood that doesn't allow me to see, but leaves my mouth nicely in reach. I get bound on all fours, legs apart. Then people are let in the room, I hear only their voices, how they comment on me. Then they begin to touch me, I feel their hands, many hands, going all over my body. Caressing me, pinching me, squeezing some of my most sensitive parts...
After some time, can't really say if it's been only a few minutes or more, I get used, fucked, raped as a good sub slut, filling me with their cum, covering me in it, abusing that anonymous girl that is offered to them.
That night my Master that has organized the event sets me in front of the tv in the living room, and plays a dvd... It's my scene, it's me right there and.. Oh my god ! All those guys I do know ! My boss, my childhood friend, a few of the teachers I had, and... Oh you didn't do that... Thats my...
I'm sure you'll have plenty of ideas to complete that list loves... Kisses, Sou