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Monday, February 18, 2013

How to be a Great porn star


I just held my awards ceremony for the actresses and actors in my studio group that were in my films for 2012. The best actress is Raelin and best actor is Scooby, so I thought I should share what makes them the best in 2012 in my eyes.
Raelin & Scooby in: BAD School Girls, Midday
First off, I don’t believe 1 movie alone can give you the title of best!! It needs to be a whole body of work for the actress or actor. Not just looking good riding a pose ball for a few hours.  In 2012 Raelin was in 6 of my movies, which is 2 more than any other actress, Scooby was in 4 of my movies which was more than any other actor. 
Stacie & Raelin in BAD School Girls, Locker Room
Dependability; many of my movies are series; here today gone tomorrow doesn’t work for recurring roles. When I cast for a series, I only look for people that have shown they well be around.
Scooby & Emily in: 3am, What Really Happens
Alertness; a shoot can be very boring, I don’t chat much while filming, but that doesn’t mean you should go afk  for more than a few minutes. When I ask the actress or actor to do something while filming I expect it done in a short amount of time, not 15 minutes later with the whole cast waiting on them.
Raelin being licked in:  BAD School Girls, Detention
Experience; In just about every pose change a males cock or a females strap-on position needs to be adjusted to hit the hole it’s meant for. Not all of it can be done by the actress or actor, but they should get it as close as they can without needing to be told. Also on Fire Storm the actress and actor can adjust their heights to the floor if need be which is much quicker than having the director adjust poses.
Scooby in: Angels, Scooby Mode
Readiness; come to the set ready to work. If you’re supposed to wear something, have it on and ready to go. The only exception to that is a spur of the moment, nonscheduled shoot. I’m probably not ready either in those so getting dressed together is no big deal. But if you know we have a shoot scheduled don’t show up with something not colored right and have us wait while you adjust it or wait while you get dressed.
Elika, Raelin & Thorgal in: Department Store Santa

Fun; don’t come across like you would rather be doing something else. No one wants to work with someone that just seem to hate everything and having a miserable time
Emily & small Scooby in: Halloween 1, Fresh Meat
So as you can see there are many reasons Raelin and Scooby lead in the number of my films they were in, and didn’t win “BEST” because of how they looked on a pose ball in one movie.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Sky Pirates

Sky Pirates is about 3 of the best Sky Pirates in the world. 3 young adventurous pirates looking for treasure. while getting ambushed by other pirates! Emotional, funny, action packed, it's there.
STARRING: Scooby Mode, Liltxsmile, MissEmily23, Khalid Dubrovna, Plato Ninetails & Zonker Silversmith.

Youtube Link

We don't usually spotlight a movies on here, but this movie is unique, starring 5 members of * SL PORN * group and not having any sex in it. Because of it's PG- rating I doubt it will get the views it deserves or that Scooby will post it on the adult machinimas.  But it does deserve a look, much more time and work went into this non ball riding movie than any porn movie I have worked on, and that is why we're spotlighting it here.

When awards are given for best actor or best actress, it's somewhat of a joke, more about how they put together their avatar then any acting they did because most porn is, standing in one spot for a few moments and then ball riding until the end. There was no ball riding by anyone in this movie.