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Tuesday, October 29, 2013


SL-Porn Interview: #348
Interview Date: 27 October 2013

Name: Rhiannon ( rhiannon.tamerlane ) 
SecondLife Birthdate: 12 September 2010
Country: Canada  ( PST/PDT - SLT +0 )
Sexual orientation: Enthusiastically and energetically pansexual! As long as you're clever, creative, articulate and perverted.
Experience: No experience in machinima or photoshoots, other than doing some snapshots of myself, for myself. Extensive experience with sexual RP in SL. I should mention I enjoy receiving as much as giving; I portray a herm, so I am fully ready to enjoy being on the receiving end of vaginal penetration as well as doing the penetrating. :)
Won't do: I won't change my avatar. I recognize this may limit opportunities for me, but this is who and what I am in SL. I am not a classic domme, but I do not submit, ever. As far as kinks go, I won't do pedophilia, ageplay, watersports, scat, necro/snuff, vore, torture/pain/gore. I don't find them arousing in the least.
Would you have sex with a director: Hm. Not *just* to get a part. I enjoy sex RP a lot; I'm quite sure directors do, too. If a part came my way as a result, that'd be lovely. :)
What made you decide getting into SL Porn: I would say curiosity as much as anything else. I'm an exhibitionist by nature - at least in SL - and the idea of having sex on camera, or in public, doesn't bother me in the least; in fact, I find it quite exciting.
Fantasy porn scene: Oh what a question to have to answer! :) There's so many fantasies to explore, because SL lets us do things that would be incredibly risky or outright impossible - such as being a stallion-girl. I love country/rural/farm scenes, though, as well as deserted tropical islands :)