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Friday, January 24, 2014

Nina Ortega

Interview: # 398
Name: NinaOrtega
Country: The United States.
Second Life Birthdate: January 01, 2014
Sexual orientation: Hmmm, I guess I'm bi-curious? I'm much more turned on by guys but also like the sensuality of women
Why Porn: A couple of reasons, I think that it's an expression of art and I love the idea of a 'story' told through a video medium, especially if it's both erotically and tastefully done. I also obviously love sex and think it would be fun to be able to work with professionals to 'capture' it forever. Those are the main two reasons ... I like the idea of leaving an erotic legacy.
Experience: I once masturbated to one of your videos. :-) No ... I don't.
Won't do:  The usual 'yuckies' - scat, excessive violence/bloodplay, and watersports are my main limits.  I guess you could add jalapenos to the list ... I won't put those in my pussy. :-) 
Favorite Sex Act:  Vaginal sex - doggiestyle is my favorite particular act, but like I said, the passion and arousal of a sexual story being told ... is so freakin hot to me. That said, and I know that answer is very vanilla, but I also like all kinds of 'niche' things that I wouldn't greatly enjoy doing.
Would you have sex with a director to get a part: I would ... if I loved their work. and I love your work, so yes I would be willing/ready hehee."
if I really loved the directors work, I would.  I've taken to heart what you said about not falling for the 'hustler' type directors, so I'd have to think they were very artful in what they did and if that was the case, I definitely would.

Fantasy porn scene: Absolutely a blackmail scene centered around adultery ... a wife blackmailed to cheat on her husband.  Those are the type of scenes I often roleplay here and I adore them.