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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Party for Moonie

From the Notice posted on: Saturday, February 28, 2015 
Party for Moonie tonight at 8pm, Ivorileefaith

It's been a truly amazing week as the porn community (and others) have stepped up to help out Moonie and her family, and as the auction draws to a close, we're gonna do it up right with a kickass 4 hour party! DJ Seddy will kick things off with 2 hard rockin hours at 8pm SL time, then Moonie will grab the decks at 10, spinning us right to the end of the auction. Hope to see you all there, and thank you for your amazing support!
 Ok I probably dropped the ball so to speak on this one and I should have done something to promote this like we do out other parties through out the week, but I'm not a reporter, never was never will be, but I don't think it's to late if you wish to donate to Moonie and her family (I doubt she will turn down money).

Moonie has been a friend and the DJ of our Hump-day parties for more then 3 years, recently her mother was diagnosed with cancer and passed away this week. Her Family needs help with expenses and Ivori, with the help of Eva, did a great job in a short time, of putting together and organizing this porn star auction that ended last night.

I probably should have entered myself, but in looking at how many were entered (44), it was probably better doing what I did in bidding on 4 of these ladies and winning 2 of them!!

Yes it's to late for the auction but I implore your to donate what you can to Moonie (Deka Teardrop) and her family!!