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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Mark Ivory

Interview: # 583          
Name: MarkIvory   
Country: US        
Second Life Birthdate: July 09, 2015            
Why Porn: You mean besides the fact I'm a complete and total horndog? :)  Actually, I didn't even know it existed until a couple of months ago.  After seeing some of the various work out there and meeting some of the people involved, I thought hey, this is something I'd like to learn how to do and do well.  I even looked at some video editing software even though I know that's waaaaay premature 
Experience:   None, except for a couple of photo shoots    
Sexual Orientation:  I'm straight    
Won't do:   Nothing toilet related.  No kids or animals.  I don't think I've got the comfort level to do a gay or shemale scene.        
Favorite Sex Act: I love laying back and watching a sexy female ride..   
Dominant or Submissive:  Both depends on the mood and my partner.
Hand Job or Titty Fuck: Titty fuck. 
Blow Job or Anal Sex: Blow Job
Would you have sex with a director to get a part:  No, either I'm right for the part or not
Do I make you Nervous:   No, I was a bit apprehensive about the interview but I'm fine now
Fantasy porn scene:  hmmmm, I think maybe to be a clerk in a lingerie store with incredibly hot women asking for my assistance in the dressing room. I mean, the customer always comes first, right