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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Luana Starr

Interview: # 421
Name:  Marika Oller
Country: Italy
Second Life Birthdate: January 25, 2009
Sexual orientation:  Im bisex  but  in preference Im passive ..
Why Porn:  I start to be  exhibitionist  since  was  teenager ... I liked first , to see my body   on the mirror, then take care of my look ...and  go out feel  the eyes of the peoples on my skin
 wearing more sexy  day by day ... after  i start to feel  great actraction about sex ... and i start to work on my look  to  trasmit  pleasure other peoples, i love to show me ... and to be  looked, later I began to work as  pole dancer ... in night clubs ... start to appreciate  to recive tips ... so  i began to work as escort too. Day by day  i start to know  ....all the sides of sex ... i worked in  bdsm clubs too ... and knowed the pleasure of bdsm lifestyle ...
by the way  forgive me  i was dressed  in biker style ....) no elegance  i know ..:) smiles to you  .. trying to hide  is  emotion .. look at You  ....please  let me  say  ...You are gorgeus ..:) 
Experience: yes  ...some shots  by  Anita Dark production ... and im in the last issue  of  cocktail magazine .. i worked in short movies  by  Lorenz Beerbaum production .. 
Won't do:  All is right  for me love and sex  nothing is  not possible
Favorite Sex Act:  I  love   girls  ..., im not able to love guys   but i love to have sex with their. to  make sex in front on my wife ..:)))... to have a bit of .." domination " ... loke to be submissive in sex ...
Would you have sex with a director to get a part:  yes  sometimes  without get  a movie  too ....:))
Fantasy porn scene: ohh difficult to say  ...i imagine  in a  rape scene victim a cuckold scene   too ...  in a  .."  girls of  a group of  " hard bikers " c..:))  a slut  in a street  .... with  cheap whore  outfits ....knowing a rich man  who trasform me in a  slut lady ...) or as a  farm worker ...:)