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Friday, April 1, 2016

Katina Cazalet-Blaisdale

Interview: # 610 
Name:  Katina Cazalet

Second Life Birthdate: 
May 26, 2007   
Why Porn: Around 2012 I was bored with SL, old friends left one by one, places closed, I was logging in more and more rarely. But I was following the blog edited by a relatively new friend of mine (Serenity Kristan ). So day by day I would read about that porn thing and it seemed interesting: whenever I'd log in and chat she had fun stories, so I began going to these pornstars parties, and long story short, now pretty much all my friends in SL are involved in porn or make pictures. I always liked sex and 'used' SL for sex anyway plenty, meeting sexual people is always a turn on , and i can't really imagine my life without being in this type of community in some way. 
Sexual Orientation:  Orientation? I fuck in every direction of the compass rose, whichever gender you are. :-)
Won't do: The only real limit besides stuff against TOS is ...well, I kinda "like it rough", but I don't have 'rape' fantasies. If there's explicit realistic violence in your movie, it kills off any thrill for me.
Experience: I have been in over 50 movies and more photoshoots than you had interviews. Of course....that might not be true actually. I am just pulling figures out of my arse right now! I had the privilege to work with you Emily, with Zoey, briefly with Erin, and with many other directors. Serenity, Isa Cheviot, Dillon, Carly, Ravi, Alexcuck, Thorgal, Alexandria, Adam Sin, and of course my partner Marika Blaisdale. And too many photographers to count. If you like working with someone who has been in pics and movies before, I am glad to help. I promise I don't spend my time on set bringing out eyerolling anecdoctes about my past experiences.
Favorite Sexual Act: I have favourite sex act-ors rather than acts. I love to be taken but I certainly like to please, I enjoy a wanton fuck but I took great pleasure also in more elaborate tease and seduction. There are some rather specific kinks that always make me smile extra-wide, but I won't name them just because I love to keep people guessing and I dislike patterns. In pictures I am always happy to do whatever sex act anyway.
Dominate or Submissive: I am too rebellious to be a good sub but certainly I lean way more towards that end of the spectrum, and I am in fact bad at dominating, especially my appetites. I am probably too lazy to be in a role as either, anyway!
Hand Job or Titty Fuck: With the typical lenght of the cock and the size of my SL tits, I go for titty fuck! Even if I love handjobs and the type of control they give me.
Blow Job or Anal Sex: Oh let's just do both, please! Not in that order, tho, I am not a super fan of Ass to Mouth....Or call a friend and I don't have to choose? :-)
Would you have sex with a director to get a part: No no no, you got that wrong. I try and get in movies only TO have sex with directors, of course! Why do you think I joined Intergalactic Sluts? So far I have not been successful... Sigh. 
Do I make you Nervous:  My contract for IGS doesn't specify how many episodes I am in. Of course you make me nervous...!
Fantasy porn scene: I am intrigued by scenes with more than two actors. I especially like those with a couple, and a brazen seduction of a third person. Perhaps 'seduction' is not even the right term, as it's a porn. A scene where one of couple takes initative...their hands on that 'innocent' bystander, for their partner to see. And then.....Well, that's where all sort of fun can begin, right?