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Monday, April 7, 2014

John Kirk

SL-Porn Interview: #434
Interview Date: 7th April 2014

Name: John Kirk (malehypnofan.resident) 
SecondLife Birthdate: 11th March 2013
Country / Timezone: United States  ( EST/EDT - SLT +3 )
Sexual Orientation: HeteroFlexible, I would say I am open to almost anything that feel pleasurable.
SL Porn Experience: Have done several photo shooots of my own but none with anyone else.
Won't do / Limits: SCAT, Permanent Damage, Vore and thats about it.
Would you have sex with a director: No, why would I want to sell myself short if it took having sex for a part I'll just go film my own. It's funny Zoey, I dont see the porn industry about sex per se it's more about the creativity if that makes sense.
Fantasy SL Porn Scene: Well I have a huge fetish with feet so I think my dream fanatsy would be to surrounded and taken advantage of by say three or four women who all make me worship their feet and have their feet caressing stroking my entire body.
Favorite Sex acts: I love oral both giving and recieving, Straight sex it's girl on top either cowgirl or reverse cowgirl, and I also love foot jobs and my favorite animation in all of SL is the spooning sex animation.
What made you decide getting into SL Porn: I think that's an easy one I am by nature an exhibitionist, I love the human form watching and showing mine off therefor I love the creative process that allows me to express that freely and I love watching myself have sex so anything that lets me do that is gravy.