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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Tegan Malone Cage

Interview: # 626
Name: TeganMalone
Country: U.S.A
Second Life Birthdate: October 15, 2016
Why Porn:  When i was here before i was partnered for so long, and wanted to get into porn, but it wasnt the best time to do it. so when that relationship fell apart and after a break from SL , when i came back i said Fuck It, im gonna do what i want this time around. 
Sexual Orientation: I'm BI in RL and SL
Won't do:  scat and be a foot stool by a master. Being degraded or humiliated pisses me off.
Experience: 1 film with Carly Morrisey, in the "Her Revenge" Series.
Favorite Sexual Act: I love mens hands, so of course I love to be fingered, from behind while im on all fours. its sexy to fuck a mans fingers that way.  and of course the most erotic act is the very first time i fuck a man, the moment i open my legs and he rubs his cock along my slit, just before he pushes inside, when our eyes connect in that moment, and i can watch his face when he finally slides inside... that is the most erotic moment.
Dominate or Submissive: not really into either anymore, i am a strong woman, and most men dont understand that i dont want to be someones foot stool, or to be dragged along by my neck, I see so reason to be with someone that  i cannot be an equal with. I do like BDSM , dont get me wrong, but just the sexual act of it.  ( obviously i had some crappy experiences with Dom's here).
Hand Job or Titty Fuck:  Tit fuck, I like to feel his cock rubbing between my tits, while im grabbing his ass.
Blow Job or Anal Sex: BJ, but as long as a man is gentle at the beginning of anal sex, then im good, lol dont just ram it in. like some men miss the hole( galres, yeah right)  " on accident" lies, all lies lol
Would you have sex with a director to get a part: Only if i was attracted to them.  if not, then nope.
Do I make you Nervous: No, i seen how you work and your professional and you have a vision, I like that, your creative and creativeness does not make me nervous , it inspires me.
Fantasy porn scene: GangBang. The more the merrier :)~

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Lindsey Siddeley

Interview: # 625  
Name: Lindsey Siddeley 
Country: Holland
Second Life Birthdate: March 01, 2008
Why Porn: I like sex and modelling. Nice combination
Sexual Orientation: I'm 95% straight I like girls too, but usually in combination with a man so like 3 somes and 4 somes but mainly straight.
Won't do: Hmm well maybe no poo or mutilation
Experience: I have been in more than 25 porn shoots. But maybe not always with the best professionals. Some magazines too
Favorite Sexual Act: I like MF or MMF most

Dominate or Submissive: I'm best being submissive to be told what to do .
Hand Job or Titty Fuck: Hmm titty fuck, but it's a real hard choice
Blow Job or Anal Sex: Hmm blow job

Would you have sex with a director to get a part: certainly
Do I make you Nervous: No not so much, more excited
Fantasy porn scene: One with two men, and maybe another girl both doing me, or have turns switch partner... maybe forced to

Friday, November 18, 2016


SL۰Porn Interview: #624                                    Date: 18th November 2016

Name:  Malone (mrmaydaymalone.resident) 
SecondLife Birthdate: 16th March 2011
Country and Timezone:  Canada.   ( Eastern Standard Time - EST / SLT +3 )
Sexual Orientation: I am straight.
SL Porn Experience: I've been an Actor and been filming a movie recently with Director, Carly Morrisey. Have some modelling experience, I was in an erotica book and have also done a few photos with others. And I recently started to dabble in a bit of doing photography myself.
What made you decide getting into SL Porn: Well I am an exotic dancer and escort at a high end gentlemans club, plus I owned my own affiliate store awhile back. I was always curious about the porn scene really. So I decided to check it out and so far I've been having a great time. The people I've worked with have been awesome. :)
Dominant or Submissive: Well honestly, I am a switch, more dominant in the bedroom haha, but I do love a woman who likes to take control every once in awhile.
Blowjob or Anal Sex: Laughs, ummmm I am more of a giver, but what guy doesn't like a blow job?!
Won't do / Limits: Hmmmm, well it's all about doing things for the film. So not much would stop me really. I'm always in for new adventures of any kind. If anything, man on man wouldn't be my thing, but man woman man, I'd have no problem with.
Favorite Sex acts: I'd have to say anything with passion, roughness, a lil kink. it's all about emotion and feeling. but if you need a position. I'd say doggy with her hair wrapped around my wrist as I take her from behind.
Would you have sex with a director to get into movies: Chuckles.... Well my interview with the first Director I worked with was ummmm, yeah, a character roll lets say to see if I would "fit" the part. So yeah I guess I would. :)
Fantasy SL Porn Scene: I think, I'd like a gangbang or just me and a harem of women.

Monday, November 14, 2016


SL۰Porn Interview: #623                                    Date: 13th November 2016

Name:  Elle (ellensaint.resident) 
SecondLife Birthdate: 9th December 2014
Country and Timezone: USA  ( Eastern Standard - EST / SLT +3 )

Sexual Orientation: I am Bisexual.   I would say I prefer men more, but not by much lol.
Sexual Fetishes: Ummm...  Being forced to do something, rough sex...  Being used for a man or a woman's pleasure, knowing I'm the reason they're feeling good, even though I'm being forced...  That is a fetish I have lol.
SL Porn Experience: I'm a photographer.  I just started taking pics when I first got into SL, so once I started in SL porn, that was how I started taking pics of myself, then eventually other models.  I don't get asked to do much modeling however, so if anyone wants to use me, please let me know!  I am not shy and I am easy to work with! I've done a couple movies myself, as well, but I find I don't have the time required to do many of them, but we'll see.
What made you decide getting into SL Porn: It's just something I could never do in RL lol. I like it in RL, but I couldn't do it, so doing it in SL is a way to live out a RL fantasy for me.  And I love taking pics of nude bodies lol.
Dominant or Submissive: I am more submissive in nature, though there are times when I like to be the one in control
Won't do / Limits: Most of the usual things: scat, snuff, kids... Not into BDSM really.  Mutilation or violence I'm not into.  Being rough is okay, but not into the violent, hurting stuff.
Favorite Sex acts: oh my, too many to choose! haha...  I like missionary and doggy most as far as sex goes.  Going down on a man or a woman are both
very pleasing to me.  I guess I am old fashioned lol.
Would you have sex with a director to get into movies: Haha, ummm...  If the director was cute and I was attracted to them (not unlike yourself hehhe), then yes, I most definitely would.
Fantasy SL Porn Scene: An orgy scene!  Well, one that I don't have to shoot, just participate in (smiles).  I've shot a couple and they are nerve wracking! lol. So, if I could participate in an orgy scene, that would be my fantasy scene. I love the idea of a bunch of people in the same room all making love to one another. :)

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Kayla Bombastic

Interview: # 622 
Name:  Kayla Bombastic

Country: USA 
Second Life Birthdate:
May 19, 2009
Why Porn: I started taking erotic photos then noticed how much are on Flickr already.  Checking them out, I found a lot of the people were in porn and decided I wanted to try it as well.
Sexual Orientation:  I'm straight with some bi tendencies.  laughs "Yes, but I don't mind being paired with women either.  I just prefer men.".
Won't do: I haven't been asked yet to do something I wouldn't do, I'm open to most things.  There is the obvious of no kids, and I don't think I'd do scat or heavy mutilation/death either. 
Experience: Not a whole lot, quite a few photo sessions, but IGS will be my 3rd film. ***Note we did this interview to get her, her role in IGS months ago and I told when/if she joined the group I would publish it, an so she has.
Favorite Sexual Act:
Ohh, my favorite is doggy style anal.  *shivers*
Dominate or Submissive:  Mostly submissive, definitely submissive with men in sexual situations.  Sometimes I can be dominant with other women.
Blow Job or Anal Sex:
laughs  "I love both, but if I have to choose, then anal." 
Would you have sex with a director to get a part: Is that a trick question?  *laughs*  Actually, I would not.  This is business for me, and I don't mix actual sex with it....for movies or photo shoots.
Do I make you Nervous:  No, you seem very nice and down to earth.  You haven't yelled at me yet, so that's good.  lol
Fantasy porn scene:
Hmmm, I haven't thought about that before.  It IS the movies, something wild I think.  Anal with multiple partners maybe?

Friday, October 14, 2016


Interview: # 621 
Name:  Curt Dovgal

Country: US 
Second Life Birthdate:
February 28, 2007
Why Porn:I am already a dancer , an escort, a model...seemed like a natural extension and it excites me. 
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual, sapiosexual, bisexual....any of those might describe me well. I tend to judge a person more on their merits then their gender type.
Won't do: I would not do scat, snuff, or any very violent scenes. I tend to be more on the sexual/sensual side even with domination  
Experience: I have done 2 magazine photo shoots. That is it. I have heard the place to become a star is here with you Emily You name is very widely respected.
Favorite Sexual Act:
I love analingus....something so hot about a sexy ass. But I really love all things anal. That is so hard to choose 
Dominate or Submissive:  I am well practiced switch that leans more to the dominant side. I have some very personally held views on D/s. I don't really feel like I practice D/s in the most typical of fashions. I truly love both sides of the leash.
Hand Job or Titty Fuck:
Definitely a good titty fucking! Especially with a nice facil for the finish!
Blow Job or Anal Sex:
Yes please! Another difficult choice...I will have to go with anal sex. Like I said, there is something that is such a turn on about a nice curvy rump. Though blowjob is definitely in second. Can I have both?
Would you have sex with a director to get a part:
Hell mother fucking yes! Isn't that the fun! Get laid and get a part and a chance to be a star. Not reason I wouldn't slam the door and offer even before the interview started!  
Do I make you Nervous:  Not at all..Can I stay here in your ass all day? This is one sexy fanny!
Fantasy porn scene: I love threesomes one girl, two shemales, or a shemale and a guy...Doing all manne rof naughty things...Threesomes provide so many great opportunities for a hot scene

Remove Tattoos: I have no issue with that Emily 

Friday, August 5, 2016


Interview: # 620
Country: UK
Second Life Birthdate: January 13, 2016   
Why Porn: It's sleaziness, I find the forbidden erotic, I was fed up being a good girl, relationships and being a housewife are not for me.  
Sexual Orientation: Bi, you can't operate as a whore in SL otherwise. There are advantages and disadvantages with both genders. Attitude is the main thing that does it for me.  
Won't do: So long as its legal in SL, i'll do it. It's the way i work in the brothel.
A little, I was an extra in one big porn shoot - i just stood around in the background - and another producer who interviewed me offered me a job as a puffer, i think they are called. But i've done a few 'real' shoots a few years ago..
Favorite Sexual Act: 
Being on the end of a train.    
Dominate or Submissive:  Submissive.
Hand Job or Titty Fuck:
and job - i love the feel of a man's hairy balls in my delicate little fingers. The contrast is a turn on.   
Blow Job or Anal Sex: Blowjob   
Would you have sex with a director to get a part:  Yes  
Do I make you Nervous:  No
Fantasy porn scene: Me and another girl dealing with at least 100 guys apiece, cumming on me and cumming in me.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Matthew Carter

Interview: # 619
Country: England
Second Life Birthdate: 
January 12, 2016   
Why Porn: I've always enjoyed the way porn is made in SL and the thought of creating now only my own through pictures or movies but staring in porn, greatly appealed to me. 
Sexual Orientation: I'm Heterosexual  
Won't do: I'd say guy/guy, Scat and Child play are the ones I wont go near.
I've appeared in 1 I'd say professional movie so far but have also appeared in some clips done by a friend at her work place.
Favorite Sexual Act:
I would say giving oral is my favorite sex act. I love to just go down on a women and spend time licking, rubbing and fingering her pussy.  
Dominate or Submissive:  I'm more a dominate but with the right person I can be submissive.
Hand Job or Titty Fuck:
I'm more of a hand job guy because I love the way a womens hand feels around my cock but titty fuck is a close second. 
Blow Job or Anal Sex: I like both equally but if I had to pick one it would be a blow job because nothing feels better than a womens mouth around your cock.  
Would you have sex with a female director to get a part:  I'm not going to say never when they could be as beautiful as you but generally I'd say no because if I'm a good fit for the part then I wouldn't need to sleep with a director to get the part.
Do I make you Nervous:  I'm not nervous around you. I'm completely at ease.
Fantasy porn scene: I've had this idea of a beach scene where everyone near us is watching me and the women.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Interview: # 618
Country: Spain
Second Life Birthdate: 
May 14, 2012   
Why Porn: I get excited when I watch myself be making love in sl and I think a movie is the best place for meet good penises.     
Sexual Orientation: I am bi, in sl I prefer cocks more than pussies or a girl with a good cock.
Won't do: I don't like scat, although I can do it if it is necessary.
No pictures never done a movie.
Favorite Sexual Act:  L
ay on the floor facing down and the cock fucking me from behind. On all four and all the missionary positions. I like anal fuck even in real and i can get pleasure if i excite my clit at the same time.
Dominate or Submissive: 
I am sub, I love be forced  to do things.
Hand Job or Titty Fuck: 
ummm titty fuck.
Blow Job or Anal Sex:
Anal sex
Would you have sex with a director to get a part:
yes sure, and all guys he tell me 

Do I make you Nervous:  No you dont I am very well with you.
Fantasy porn scene: A rape scene, with black drug dealers who drug me to be more sensitive.