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Monday, March 2, 2015

Google Blogger

 During events over the course of this last week with Google decision to make private (kill) any blog they deemed pornographic it may have looked like I didn't care!!! On the contrary I was quite concerned with how I was going to move/transfer 3 blogs: ,  & with a combined of over 4,064 posts.

With the closure of slporntube over 100 of my movie links became dead, I have restored all but 40 of them, which I do plan to restore in the near future. So thinking about the disruption and majority of post that would have dead links totally sucked!!!

Many people with blogs asked me what I was going to do and my reply all along was, "Let the cards fall where they may and when the smoke cleared adapt the best I could."  One thing being on the internet and SL has taught me is that people and things come and go fast, stay calm, make intelligent decisions and adapt to the changes. I also told most that asked me that I felt Google would reverse their decisions to ban porn. I don't know how Google works but from what I had read Google had a strong freedom of speech policy and this new decision to ban porn was contradictory to it. I also assumed this decision didn't come from the top of the top and when Google saw how upset it's users would become they would reverse it, as the did. I didn't think it would happen so fast, but I'm glad it did!!!

I had started to research a new home for these blogs, but had no intention to even start moving them until I saw the damage this no porn decision made. I even thought 1 or 2 weeks of no blogs might be a nice vacation from it!!

Do I feel 100% safe? No, of course not and why should we? They tried pulling this crap, and they could try it again. They have damaged my confidence in them and I'm sure the confidence of thousands of other users.

Am I going to make any changes? No business as usually, there is no guaranty that moving blogs wouldn't be like jumping from the frying pan into the fire and I really do worry about having thousands of dead links all over these blogs if they moved.

Some of you may remember the last time the sky was falling, when we were told we could not longer use unlicensed music in our videos. I think Jasmine told me 1 video was removed from slporntube and that was the end of that. All I can really say about all of this is no matter what happens it's not the end of the world, the sky is not falling, stay calm and make rational decision, we will adapt.