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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Ginger Greycloak

SL-Porn Interview: #427
Interview Date: 21st March 2014

Name: Ginger Greycloak ( ginger.greycloak ) 
SecondLife Birthdate: 19th August 2010
Country / Timezone: United States  ( EST/EDT - SLT +3 )
Sexual orientation: Bisexual. Preference for: Male, female and shemale.
Preference: Well I'd say my order of preference is men, shemales and women.
SL Porn Experience: I was in a couple a friend did and put out on slporn. I did have one of my friends do some photo shoots, but that was a while ago, I did not know she was filming at the time I just happen to run across one with me in it.
Won't do / Limits: Bloodplay and Scat. Everything else is good, I love variety and trying new things.
Would you have sex with a director: Oh yes.
Fantasy SL Porn Scene: To be tied up and used between a shemale and male. Or maybe some type of furry capturing me in the woods and taking me back to their cave to use me and breed me.
Favorite Sex acts: Bent over and taking it from behind. Deep throating. A female straddling my face and pushing their wetness into my face.
What made you decide getting into SL Porn: Discovering myself on an SL Porn made me very wet. I started to watch more of them and did have the same feeling as I did when I was watching myself. I think my SL Partner would enjoy seeing it as well.