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Friday, June 21, 2013

George Tweak

SL-Porn Interview: #301
Interview Date: 21 June 2013

Name: George Tweak ( george.tweak ) 
SecondLife Birthdate: 28 January 2006
Country: USA  ( EST/EDT - SLT +3 )
Sexual orientation: Bisexual, Hmmm... Equal I think... Willing to try
Experience: Worked for a number of Directors.... Best project was in a Candy Mendle movie where I had open gay sex during a 3sum with her.
Won't do: Fuck every actress and actor in the business... And work with every Director.. I like creative people... And I love being part of a team to make something special... I suppose that is why I don't hook in with one particular group or another.. I like being flexible and being on the edge when I can.. Well, never anything illegal... But after that.. not really any limit... it's fun to see what you can get away with and the reaction of the audience to it.
Would you have sex with a director to get in a movie: Sure... Whaterver gets me cast...
Fantasy porn scene: Being fucked by an very sexy interviewer photographer who cums right at the end of the interview... Wow, we are damn close to that now...