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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

2015 Second Life Porn Star Awards, Best Orgasm

The nominees for Best ORGASM of the YEAR are:
Black Friday 3
Black Friday 3 
Kenfack, JohnnyHenry, Eze Robins, Monstergaren and Jirehco 
DIRECTED by: MissEmily23  


Tosh Fitzcarraldo 
DIRECTED by: Erin Cedarbridge 

Halloween: The Haunted House

Halloween: The Haunted House 
Angel ( darkangel marenwolf ) 
DIRECTED by: Zoey Winsmore 

Legs Wide Spread, The Motion Picture

Legs Wide Spread, The Motion Picture 
Emily and Edvard Taurion 
DIRECTED by: MissEmily23 

Teacher’s Counseling, Bad School Girls

DIRECTED by: MissEmily23

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Sandy's Big Adventure

Out for a stroll one recent evening I ran into pornstar Sandy Miggins who was dressed as she put it, as a "Hot soccer mom looking for adventure". Just then up rolled Mr Adventure, Edvard Taurion, on his sexy bike. Sandy hopped right on and Ed took her off-road for a spank and.. well..  see for yourself, but when I snapped my last photo of them, Sandy seemed to be quite happy with her Big adventure.. And Ed was deeply into it, too!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Legs Wide Spread, The Motion Picture

The Adventures of Dr. William Harford and his wife Alice.

The couple attends a ball and introduces us to a verity of characters, Victor Ziegler a wealthy man with a taste for drug addict shemale hookers, the models that show Dr. Harford will fuck every chance he gets, Sandor Szavost who would like nothing more than to get in Alice’s panties and most importantly Nick Nightingale, the man that leads Dr. Harford to a world he never dreamed of!!

A legendary cast mixed with newcomers in their first movie
Planning started over a year ago!
Production started February 18th 2014
First scene filmed July14th 2014
Last scene filmed November 18th 2014
31 Sets, 30 I custom built
130 Cast members
104 Minutes (4 minutes longer than Succubus) the biggest movie to ever hit Second Life!!

You may think you know this movie, but not like this, packed full of explicit hardcore action!!
This isn't your normal Second Life porn video!!
Hugs to every one of you that took part in this Epic Second Life movie, and Thank You so much!!
If you have difficulty playing this movie, please remember it is 109 minutes long and may take a few seconds!! If it still doesn't play it is also available here: Legs Wide Spread on Xtube

Monday, November 24, 2014

Legs Wide Spread, Chapter 3


After getting a costume Dr. Bill Haper goes the the address Nick gave him. He uses the password to get on and sees things that few seldom see. The masked woman warns and when he is found out she saves his neck. In shock he returns home to his sleeping wife Alice whom he wakes from a bad dream, she goes on to tell him about it!!

You may think you know this movie, but not like this in explicit hardcore action!!
This isn't your normal Second Life porn video!!

See the cast listing and more photos after the page break!!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Legs Wide Spread, Chapter 1


Doctor Bill Harper and his wife Alice go to a ball of the wealthy where they meet many interesting characters, an old college friend, a sex charged Hungarian, a couple of models, and an ODed hooker. The ordeal has the couple very aroused when they get home!!
The following day we get a glimpse of their daily lives before they reside to the bedroom and get in a heated debated about matters they keep to themselves!!!
Emmanuelle's Spread Legs
You may think you know this movie, but not like this in explicit hardcore action!!
This isn't your normal Second Life porn video!!
Chapter 1 has a cast of 42, used 9 set built from scratch, has some very well known names in it (Serenity and Louise) and a special cameo by Emmanuelle Jameson, which I bugged her for a month to do the shoot, along with some that are in their very first movie.

Kelli's Spread Legs
Cast of Chapter 1 
Zuriel Bedlam
Charles Spain
Marika Blaisdale
Mirko Panacek
Louise Kristan-Faulds
Serenity Kristan-Faulds
Dillon Lecker
Emily's Spread Legs
Kelli Kristan-Jameson
Nikki Brinner
Vixxen Rainbow
Emmanuelle Jameson
Edvard Taurion
Ball Guest: 
Zoey Winsmore
JayJay Moyet
Racheal Rexen
Precious Blanko
Vixxen's Spread Legs
Surf Kai
Terrance Maurer
Nikki Brinner
Don Roodborst
Vampy Chant
Antonio Barbosa
Erika Thorkveld
Proud Autism Advocate
Serenity's Spread legs
Talisker Braveheart
Anyka Aiseiri
Barbara Dash
Sophie Zin
Sophie Young
Graham Collinson
Keeley Snowfall
Emily's Spread legs
Jazzy Cutie Monroe
Abigail Sprinkle Gothic
Janis Aulder

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Edvard Taurion

Interview: # 302
Country:   Croatia
Second Life Birthdate: November 14, 2010
Sexual orientation:  Heterosexual.
Experience: Maybe like 10 - 15 movies all together
Won't do:  Gay films, thats no no. All else that tos says its ok im inWould you have sex with a female director to get a part: No but i will have sex with u cos i know it will be great ;)
Fantasy porn scene: bdsm or 3 some with 2 girls.