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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Country Service

From the Notice Post on: Monday, January 16, 2017

Country Service Cream Release

On a lonely stretch of desert road, a grifter feels a bit of pressure build-up and stops at a garage for some service, but will the mechanic steal the clothes off his back?

Prurient Pictures presents


Starring secondlife:///app/agent/c978e7ae-cb7b-49fd-ac6b-d7b30a03a524/inspect and secondlife:///app/agent/dea2aaed-05fc-425a-9a7f-023d2451444f/inspect

Prurient Pictures:

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Friday, February 12, 2016

2016 Second Life Porn Star Awards, Best Oral Sex

The nominees for Best ORAL SEX  SCENE of the YEAR are: 

Miss Emily, Sandy Miggins, Zoey Winsmore, Erin Cedarbridge, Anyka Aiséirí, Racheal Rexen and Cream Release 
DIRECTED by: MissEmily23

Intergalactic SLUTS, Betrayed (S1E9)   
Miss Emily,  Larry Vinaver
DIRECTED by: MissEmily23

Librarian Romp  
Anyka Aisieri and Gaheris Edelmann
DIRECTED by: Erin Cedabridge

 The Business Of Women - Episode 1!!!- The Date
Zoey Winsmore and Stacia Reinoir 
DIRECTED by: Zoey Winsmore

 The Business Of Women - Episode 2!!!- Homecoming
Zoey Winsmore, Stacia Reinoir and Adele Simondsen
DIRECTED by: Zoey Winsmore

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Cream Delights

We invited Cream to appear in a feature for the blog and when she asked what we had in mind, I decided to show some different sides of this totally gorgeous model. And so we have two pics each of 'Hot Cream' 'Whipped Cream' and 'Ice Cream'

Just take a look for yourself at the amazing Cream Release!