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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Boobie Fashion Blogs

Prime/mesh breast, fashion & blogs

This blog is SL PORN and we try to keep it as much about Second Life porn as we possibly can. But with the growth in popularity of the Lola Tangos and Lush breast, even I have gotten a pair. At first I despised prime breast, 1 in 100 wearers would have them colored right and 5% of the ones that didn't looked just plain ridiculous. Then the Tangos came a long with a unique and sexy look about them and the popularity quickly grew to the point that I would guess 50% of the females in porn have a pair (if not more).
There were 3 draw backs to prime breast, color,  clothing & no clothing. Before the Tango came out Zoey bought a new skin and had the best color matched Lola's I had ever seen. Her breast matched her skin in nearly any windlight setting to the point I wanted to get Lolas as long as I had her to help me color them, she is a total perfectionist when it comes to that and many things.

Clothing, I have like 300 bikinis not to mention all the other dresses and tops I have. With prime breast most of that would all go in the trash and it seems like such a waste even though as a thrifty shopper  many of my outfits cost me less than L$10.

No clothing, It seemed that the clothing made for prime breast was so limited and such a tiny share of the fashion market that having prime breast would mean wearing the same outfit more than once.

But 2 of those 3 things have changed! With the popularity of the Tangos skin makers are making appliers that nearly match the skin to the breast perfectly. Also with the popularity of the tangos the clothing designers have realized that prime/mesh breast market share is growing and if they do not sell there clothing with appliers then their competition will, so these designers are being forced to make more clothing with appliers as the demand for them increases.

With all that said we decided it was a good idea to make a Boobie Fashion Blog, blog roll just under The Kitty Shack, New Releases on the right side of the blog. But we need some help, so please post us some links (in the comment section of this post) to blogs that ONLY specialize in big boob fashions so we can share them with everyone.