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Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Pickup Artist

Recently, I was at Elysion on a scouting outing in search of interesting locations when who should I spot at the bar but pornstar G (Gaheris Edelmann) and his sexy wife Amia (Amiajordan).  As I watched I saw a very sexy scene unfold, with G seducing Amia by hiring her for a private dance.  My camera simply could not resist capturing the passion play unfolding.  Just look at what happened!..

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Amia Edelmann

Interview: # 515
Name: amiajordan  
Country: USA
Second Life Birthdate: May 31, 2014
Why Porn:  Well....  I've always been a way sexual person and the thought of it is kinda a turn, the people in the group are awesome too.
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual, definitely bisexual, in both lives....there are way diff aspects about both sexualities that the other one can't deliver.
Won't do: Like i said, i am a very sexual some being called a slut is an insult......but to me, not so much.....i do have my limits tho......Scat, gore, age play.....those r gross......that's all i can think of off the top of my head
Experience: Actually none, all tho I have been a dancer and did some escorting in a previous life here.
Favorite Sex Act: Um..... that's the hardest question you've ask really depends on the person or the people I'm with. If I had to choose one, I'm not sure I can
Dominate or Submissive: Definitely submissive
Hand Job or Titty Fuck:  Both are fun......but a titty fuck is better for me I guess
Blow Job or Anal Sex: Definitely both on those, i love them both. anal takes some preparation tho, maybe not here.
Would you have sex with a director to get a part:  Imma not sure, but i think lots of time goes into making a movie, even taking pics an editing them, right? I guess I would hope a director of a movie would be more artistic than using that to get in my panties!
Do I make you Nervous:  Omg yes, when u come into the room, no matter where, i get nervous lol
Fantasy porn scene: I think it would be a bukkake, imma way close to being a vegetarian, I have to get my protein, an shakes get old after awhile.....besides I love the taste of cum.