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Friday, February 12, 2016

ღ Sun ღ

Interview: # 596  
Name:  Sunday Whitewood
Country: France, I am French
Second Life Birthdate: October 17, 2010    
Why Porn:  Several things
The 1st one was I was porn addicted long time ago, On SL , I was craving to do it, but i was not the time. I love to make photo , and  would love to do some more erotics and more hard core ones. Recently my  Miss  show me a girl, she said to me that girl is the ideal slut that  I would have. I saw that she was a porn actress, so I decided to be less shy and to show my inner side.
Sexual Orientation:  I am bisexual , but I have a preference to person with girl shape ( girl , herm , shemale)  
Won't do: Scat , Blood , Underage
I don't have an experience in porn movie , I have done 2 times naughty shots the 1st one was 2 years ago and the 2nd was yesterday (( The 1st one was not published ))  
Favorite Sexual Act:  I love spoon , when my partner is behind me, inside my ass and fisting my pussy 
Dominate or Submissive:   I am 95%  submissive. Some persons asked  me to switch , I an not bad as a dome for a little , but it is not my innner side 
Hand Job or Titty Fuck:  I love handjob and to caress cocks and balls too  
Blow Job or Anal Sex: The ideal is Anal and after BJ , but if I have to choose BJ for the feel of the cum on my mouth.  
Would you have sex with a director to get a part: I would do what ever it took to get the part. 
Do I make you Nervous:  No Miss , I am more aroused,  you are gorgeous 
Fantasy porn scene: Maybe a  group sex , it would be a good turn on