We started this blog to be informative, unbias, and to showcase peoples work that might otherwise not get the attention it deserves. It can be a fine line between informative and self promotional, because of that I make a conscious effort NOT to always point the spot light at me and my fellow contributors of this blog, sometimes to the point that other blogs showcase us more then we do!!

Back back back back, in 2012 I and Lil would try and do 2 pictorials in our studio blog a week. Lil went away and my focus turned to movie making and fashion designing. Back then we posted the pictorials on the studio blog because we were the photographers and we didn't want to be seen as promoting ourselves on this blog.

Due to an ever changing world and seeing some good ideas by others, I have decided it's time to add some photographic contributors to this blog. I may post a set occasionally to this blog, but these photographers are going to do the bulk of the pictorials (2 per month) and I do not see that as self promotion at this time.

Why am I doing this? Well this is one of the most viewed SL blogs and with so many views it will hopefully help these photographers and models get exposure they may otherwise not get!!

If you would like to be considered for a photographic contributor position, send me a NC in-world, with your name on it and a link to your blog or flickr. I require 2 (six photo minimum) pictorials a month, you pick the theme and have artistic control. The photos will be exclusive to this blog for 1 week after that you can post them anywhere you want!

Photographic Contributors

February's Prince of Porn - by Partee
January's Prince & Princess of Porn  - by Emily
January's Prince of Porn - by Partee
January's Princess of Porn 
Intergalactic SLUTS Photo Shoot: Miss Emily 
December's Prince of Porn

October's Prince & Princess of Porn - by Emily

Intergalactic Sluts - Cream Release  by Athena
Intergalactic Sluts Cast Photos: Emily and Sandy  by Athena
A Walk Through a Forest Zaria by Jamezz

Night at the art museum.......  Liaranne by Lexi
Oh.. Chloe! by Ali

Carly's Dirty Mechanic Carly and Don by Ali

Kelli does Lexi in the arcade.....  by Lexi
Sea Side  Rachel by Jamezz
Partee in the kissing booth!  By Lexi
Sandy's Big Adventure Sandy & Edvard by Ali
Erin Doulton  by Jamezz
Fun at the beach! 
Ryu Ready?
Classic Beauty Katysa Winthrop by Jamezz
Lexi catches Lisa in the locker room.....  Lisa by Lexi
Cream Delights Cream by Ali
Fireworks  Gingernoel by Jamezz
Lexi meets ɌãchëÍCȟƦišțiηë in a back alleyway........  RachelChristine by Lexi
Anyka's Retreat  Anyka by Ali
A little Christmas Decorating Charlotte by Jamezz
EvaSasha the Masterpiece! EvaSasha by Lexi
The Pickup Artist  G & Amia by Ali
A Day in the office  Bella &; Kalika  by Jamezz
Lunch date with Biarzenne  Biarzenne by Lexi
Kali is Wet!  Kalika by Ali
A good morning

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