Monday, May 15, 2017

Notices, May 14

Harlot Ali Lancrae

That's my other name..
♥  -Ali

New Adult Furniture Review Edvard Taurion

[Ds] Contempo OMNI Bondage Cross v1.0
First item from new Contempo line, discounted, with great performance and options. Need to check this one out. Read all about it on:

The Tip Alexisfutanari

Katina & Alexis

Thanks for looking!

5 way Grind Curt Dovgal

At the LadyBoys club you never know what sort of trouble you might get into when you start playing with our danceers!

Gaze Crystal Diabolito

Model: Mera Firelyte

Gazing into the sun on this beautiful Sunday...

Pose & Editing done by: Mera Firelyte


Anxious Waiting Parthenea

Soon she will be here but I must bid my time and soak in some of that glorious spring sunshine

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