Saturday, May 13, 2017

Notices, May 12

New Adult Furniture Review Edvard Taurion

Fuckin' Chair - Regimade
Affordable and prim low, well designed with big easy to use smooth running menu and much more. Read all about it on:

Summer Love... II Solidx

Beautiful Bette Midnight Shinja

A short series of the lovely BettePaige

The casting couch x0x0xo

I hope you enjoy it...  have a great Sunday,

wet, long kisses,


ROMP...... Deka Teardrop

When a moonlit walk turns into a sexy little Romp where you frantically tear at each other's clothes to gain access.....
I hope you Enjoy them ♥
Kisses, Licks, Sucks & Fucks
Your Dirty Little Girl
Moonie ♥

Fellatio Friday Threesome Lisa Languish

Nothing better than sharing with a friend.

Wading Beauty Trutiumblast

I was lucky as hell to catch the beautiful Sammy Magic enjoying some cool water in the warm sun.  Enjoy!

On being Genderqueer - an interview with Persinphony  Curt Dovgal

A good interview about the femboi experience and a sultry photo shoot.

Teaser pic here:

Full interview and blog shoot here:

Free Tan  Missemily23

My New Movie
Emily has a photo shoot to do and she wants to look her very best so she stops in for a little tanning. Being in a hurry she gives her credit card to the clerk and asks to get started while he fills out the paper work. When her card comes back declined he isn't very happy about it!!!

STARRING: MissEmily23 and Cody ( Aethmorot )
Run time (7:30)

Happy Fuck Friday Alexus Minotaur

Just wanted to leave a peace message for all you:

Fill my Holes... Giselehendrix
*moans* this was so good, thanks to Rivaliuz to be in this picture

Rikki Sixx


My fav day of the week!
*Late Night Delivery* ty Ted for modeling.
Love and Licks Rachel Swallows XXXX

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