Thursday, May 11, 2017

Notices, May 10

Worship To A Dom... Solidx
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Free Tan Missemily23

Video Stills
Emily has a photo shoot to do and she wants to look her very best so she stops in for a little tanning. Being in a hurry she gives her credit card to the clerk and asks to get started while he fills out the paper work. When her card comes back declined he isn't very happy about it!!!

STARRING: MissEmily23 and Cody ( Aethmorot )

Nothing Better Nymale69

Then being surrounded by sexy women thanks to NUUR, LuLa, and gg McMillan for modeling

May 6th * SL PORN * Party 2  Missemily23

The party of the week at the World Famous Porn*Stars Beach!!
If you were there, you might be in these pictures. If you couldn't make it, you should see what you missed!!
DJ Zoey played wonderfully!
Pictures by Erin!

This week's sponsor was MP Noir they donated (2) L$1000 gift cards!!
Next Party: Hump-day Party; Wednesday May 10th at Porn✰Stars Sex Club, 1pm to 3pm slt Dirty Little Girl DJ Moonie

Bedroom Eyes Athenaisc

Pose:  RK Poses
Model:  Jori Jewell




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