Monday, April 17, 2017

Notices, March 16

Simply Heather - H.A.M. Heatherashford


Hoppy Easter everyone :)
Kisses,licks,sucks &fucks
Your Dirty Little Girl
Moonie ♥

Happy azz Monday  Jamezz Doulton

Happy Azz monday every one.. enjoy .. i know i will be looking at this sexy ass from work all day :P

Happy Ass Monday! Curt Dovgal

Love my beach!

The Thought Of Him.... Solidx

Part 2
Model: Francesca
Hugs Solid.

The Shadow Lick...  Giselehendrix

I am glad to be back a "Hoobs Hottie" this picture I took during his shot! Pose by Hoobs!
Glad when you like it ;-)

Rikki Sixx

Happy Easter!  Curt Dovgal

Here is a bunny shot I did for a good friend.

Model: Valendia Sinister

4 Ladies Parthenea

A wonderful day with 3 lovely visitors backlight by the sunlight streaming thru the glass

PNC-Dancing it Up Alexandria Topaz

A video snippet my buddy Travis  put together.. Stay tuned this week on what i've been up to.

You can watch the snippet on my blog

5000 Followers Heatherashford

Thank you all so much!

Over 5000 Followers
Over 2 Million Views

A very heartfelt Thank You for your ongoing support, love and encouragement!

Love you All!
Heather XOXOXO

Being a Brat Rachelchristine Avro

When you are a little too cheeky to your Mistress she is just liable to restrain you fill all of your holes and just leave you over night

Crossed Wires - New film from True Ginger Productions Curt Dovgal

This film introduces Kitten in her first movie. You may know Kitten as she co-owns Defiance Magazine. Watch her in this light hearted take on an appointment with the cable guy:


Blog Link:

Full Movie on PornHub:

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