Monday, April 3, 2017

Notices, April 2

Sunlight Moons on the Beach Parthenea

Took a quick snapshot when they were all visiting me at my new bungalow down by the beach.  We all looked at each other and turned our moons to face the sun!  :)

Sensation Curt Dovgal

Lighting by Lumipro
Pose by me

Hot Bathroom Crystal Diabolito

Models: Jagger Draconis & Mera Firelyte

After a long day at work, Mera goes to the bathroom to relax and take a shower

However, before Mera has a chance to even take a shower, she doesn't notice that Jagger has the same idea...

A Night in the bath turns more pleasurable between Jagger and Mera

Poses & Editing done by: Mera Firelyte

*Scroll through to see more :)

Jillian Dmk Galicia

A little photoshoot i did of the beautiful Miss Jillian.....

The Thought Of Him.... Solidx
Enjoy this one!!
Hugs Solidx.

Naive  Heatherashford

/nīˈēv/ adjective

Attention Magazine is here! Athenaisc

Hi everyone,

Attention gets all wet for the month of April.

Theme:  Spring Rain
Beauty:  Krys Vita
Sims:  Lovers Nation and An Uncertain Destiny
Fashion:  Formale Couture, SlackGirl, Brea's Buys
Photography: Damien Godard, Katya Sessions, Graham Collinson, Cub Smit and our Flickr group.

Check us out!
Athena, Bru, Brea & the Staff of Attention



Midnight Swim... Bewitched Difference

Love Be x

Happy Naked Sunday Jamezz Doulton

Happy naked Sunday from the Doulton house hold

Ginger Spotlight on Sharie Criss Curt Dovgal

Sharie is the owner of Lochme Castle, an RLV nondage and BDSM SIM. See the full interview on the blog with a full photoset.

Teaser shot:

Full Blog interview and photoshoot:

New Adult Furniture Review Edvard Taurion

[Ds] XXL Engine Crane Trap v1.0
Great designed, low prim with non discriminating adult menu, perfect addition to any work shop, biker sim, car track etc. Read all about it on:

Intimacy Solidx

The complete photo shoot for Aroused Mag
Hugs Solidx.

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