Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Notices, February 28

Carnival!!! Parthenea

I so desperately needed a break so I headed down to the French Quarter in the midst of the celebrations. Partee is ready to Partyyyyy!!

Beaver's Digest - Volume 27 Katina Cazalet

On Mardi Gras (and Tuesday!) you are expected to flash boobs, I go one step further and just show you the Beaver.
Laissez les bon temps roulez ! Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da!!

Already Wet Jeffcosgrove

Once upon a time there was this girl named Laura who's panties were wet, so I helped her out of them.

Octavia Sobert - The Chocolate Bar Owner Curt Dovgal

I had a chance to interview and photograph Octavia Sorbet today. Owner of the Chocolate Bar. Enjoy the interview and enticing pictures!



February 25th *SL PORN* Saturday Beach Party Missemily23

The Beach is back, Bigger & better than before!!!
If you were there, you might be in these pictures.
If you couldn't make it, you should see what you missed!!
DJ Zoey played fantastically!!

This week's sponsor was MP Noir!!
They donated (2) L$1000 gift cards!!

Next Party: Hump-day Party; Wednesday March 1st at Porn✰Stars Sex Club

What do we have here? Faith Darrow

Happy topless Tuesday

I didn't know I was starving til I tasted you Athenaisc

Model & Pose:  Kyle Devonson

[Aside:  I can't create poses to save my life, folks. Want one? Ask Kyle!]

Happy Topless Tuesday. Enjoy!


Waiting for you... Bewitched Difference

Love Be x

New Adult Furniture Review Edvard Taurion

Zen Shabby Reclaimed Office Set, Adult & PG versions included
Affordable, smooth in performance, with great menu and much more. Read all about it on:

Titty Tuesday at the Hemp Shop Curt Dovgal

When you are done  staring at my tits will you please make a decision you damn stoner!

Back to Nature Louisered Faulds

hmm looks like l let something slip out

Louise xx

PNC-Upclose & Personal - Partee Mytill Alexandria Topaz

Our Party Girl!!..

A. Topaz
PNC Productions

Topless Tuesday: Atopalyse Now - The Tit Offensive Aria Horan

Search & Destroy. Winning Hearts and Minds can wait till next week.

somewhat different in tone to my other Tuesday Titfest offering which you can view at

Heaven Sent Racheal Rexen

Hiya Sexies,  check it out :)

Wet Kisses, Racheal Rexen

Happy Titty Tuesday, Perverts! X111571

Whitewall Ali
with love. Ali Fox xoxox

Tittie Tuesday Samantha28 Magic

Painting  Party

Topless Tuesday Pelenitude Aria Horan

Relaxing on the bar at my home (Wat Baan Pa) with a crisp glass of Dom - my riff on Dom Perignon's latest ad campaign.  Enjoy.

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