Monday, January 30, 2012

* SL PORN * Group Rules

This group is dedicated to making porn, if your are looking for a party group you came to the wrong group! We do hold a couple parties a week as a means to socialize but most of our time we are busy producing porn. We don't have 15 mods like some groups, we expect you to act like adults. We don't want to make many rules, but these are the ones we feel we need.

1. HAVE FUN! This is Second Life, not real life; we come here to have fun!!
2. Respect each other! One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself. You're adults, act like it! Take arguments to private!
3. Notices are for, Casting calls, Photo Shoots, Pictorial Releases, Movie Release, and Parties.
4. Do not use the chat or notices to solicit sex.
5. Do not use the chat or notices to beg for money.
6. Notices and posting is for fun and not for business.
7. Only make one notice per Pictorial Releases, Movie Release.
8. Only club owners, DJ’s or Host can post notices of upcoming parties (once a week events). On the day of the Event, please no more than 3 notices, 1) sometime prior, 1) at the start and 1) sometime during, if you wish. OR if you want to promote your club daily only once per day please. We all like parties but that is why clubs have groups, to promote with in.
9. Do not make post or notices about club contest, we each get enough of those from the club group we have already joined.

Breaking these rules will result in a warning from a Mentor/Moderator. If a 2nd Warning is needed the violator will be muted for 48hrs to adjust. A 3rd Warning will result in a life time suspension in group.  You will be told the reason for the warning. We want everyone to have as much freedom as possible without hurting or infringing on another group members rights.

Send us a link to your work to show you're legit and we will give you a photographer or producer tag and notice rights.