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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mariah Xkiss

Interview: # 453
Country: Finland
Second Life Birthdate: June 03, 2013
Sexual orientation: I am bisexual.  I prefer men, But sex is different between women. It feels more sensual and beautiful.
Why Porn: Because it feels like a forbidden fruit for me and because I like the idea that maybe someone is enjoying sexually when watching me.
Experience: I have none. I guess I am a newcomer. I have done some private photoshoots but that is all. 
Won't do: I can do everything normal and many fetishes but I would never do gross or horrible things like scat.
Submissive or Dominate: I am submissive by nature. I adore strong minded people.
Favorite Sex Act:   I love every part of sex but if I have to choose, I would choose the end with all fluids and orgasms and divine satisfaction.
Hand Job or Titty Fuck: Handjob. I love to see oiled shaft on my hands and feel its power and the same time the lust in mans eyes.
Blow Job or Anal Sex:  Blowjob. At that point, I am totally in control even though the man would say anything,
Would you have sex with a director to get a part: Yes I would. I have a special talents for that, smiles
Do I make you Nervous: You don't but because this is my first time doing something like this, this interview made me a bit nervous
Fantasy porn scene: I am executive assistant in RL so my favourite act would be me working as a secretary in very revealing outfit when three or four older black men would have business negotiations and after the deal, I would sweeten the deal by serving all of them.