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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Second Life Porn Star Awards

Eligible List

They have always carried that name since January 14, 2012 with their first inception, only then they also carried then name “Em & Lil Studios”. Over the years the secondary part of the name has changed “Miss Emily’s Studio” in 2013 and 2014. This year we will just call them, The Second Life Porn Star Awards. This year’s change signifies the addition of Naughty Pixel Productions and Club E Productions to the awards.
Who will be the judges? Well the same as last year, Emily and Zoey with the addition of Erin.
Why are we the judges? Well we own the precipitating studios and know these films better than anyone (even what went on behind the scenes)
We will not be eligible for individual awards but can be in group awards, such as Best Ensemble.
Here is a complete listing of eligible films and cast:

From Miss Emily’s Studios:
All directed by: MissEmily23

The Chauffeur 
Sαиd ιɢɢιηs and Dean (Xelafaux) 

Surprise We’re Married 
MissEmily23 and James Deene 

Teacher’s Counseling
Ali Lancrae and  Lexi Fizzle 

Sandy's Lesbian Anal Pool Party
Sandy Miggins, Vixeee, Cherish and MissEmily 

Legs Wide Spread, The Motion Picture 
Zuriel Bedlam, MissEmily23, Charles Spain, Marika Blaisdale, Siliconvydude69, Mirko Panacek, Louise Kristan-Faulds, Serenity Kristan-Faulds, Dillon Lecker, Kelli Kristan-Jameson, Nikki Brinner, Vixxen Rainbow, Emmanuelle Jameson, Edvard Taurion, Ali Lancrae,
Anyka Aiseiri, Talisker Braveheart, Don Roodborst, Tosh Fitzcarraldo, Erin Cederbridge, Racheal Rexen, Partee Mytill, Thorgal McGillivary, JC Ziplon ŢȞФŖ, HH, Virgil, Abe, Shadow Walker, Missy Nicole, Antonio Toocool, Dillon Lecker, Dolan Nider, Jamezz Doulton, Gaheris Edelmann, Chelle, Onisa Lundquist, Crow Mistwalker, Lexi Fizzle, Jillian Norton, Charles Spain, Racheal Swallows, Be, Raelin Jestyr, Zoey Winsmore, JayJay Moyet, Precious Blanko, CeeCee, Surf Kai, Terrance Maurer, Vampy Chant, Antonio Barbosa, Erika Thorkveld, KENNEDY, Proud Autism Advocate, Andrea, Barbara Dash, Sophie Zin, Sophie Young, Graham Collinson, Carly, Keeley Snowfall, KenFack, Jazzy Cutie Monroe, Abigail Sprinkle Gothic, Ashley, Lua, Janis Aulder, DOCTOR, Marriedman, Dean, Maddie, La01Annabelle, Onyx Marabana, Alicia, Traci Quandry, La1Caroline, Vanyr21, Lethal Fireguard, RachelChristine, Bella Soulstar Draconis, Selina Anatra, RickerR, Janett Raymaker, Rene31 Aeon, Missy Lovesu, enOKK, Lexi Rose Khaleesi Marshe, Richard King, Barry Bonetto, Adisa, Serenity, Epipheny Nitely, Gina Basevi, AnaBelleRoseO, Carlos, Marinazui Lisle, Justine MaCallen, Tara Lefevre, Marisa  Cherie, Michael Strange, Stuffiee, Serena, Foxie, Victoria, Riger, Indygo Magic, Sybil Johnson, Christophe, Patty Tisane, Maximillian Release, LittleCindy4, Mija, Scooby Mode, Jagger Draconis, EZ Walsh, Rocco, Cream Release, Wednesday Balhaus, Demo, Vivian, Mike,Alexus Minotaur, Partee Mytill, Acey Heart, Lord Bane, Vex Crime, Angel, Kalika Draconis, Wang Ying, Shane, EvaSasha, Stacia Reinoir, Larry Vinaver, Lisa Languish, TOBIG, Risque and Veronica

Black Friday 3
Whimsical Aristocrat, MissEmily23, Kenfack, JohnnyHenry, Eze Robins, Monstergaren and Jirehco

Cheating Santa 
Charlottexoxoxo and Gaheris Edelmann

From Naughty Pixel Productions:
All directed by: Zoey Wnsmore

Lesbian Babysitters V
Deirdre Paulino and Janis Aulder.

Lesbian Babysitters VI
Leannan Lockjaw and Freyja Nishi.

My Love For You!!
Cally Winsmore and Zoey Winsmore.

The Sex Prowl
Zoey Winsmore and Jeremy Winsmore.

Halloween: The Haunted House
Zoey Winsmore and Angel ( darkangel.marenwolf ).

Naughty Country Girls I
Ashley Sugarplum and Kenfack ( kenfack.resident ).
Zoey Winsmore.

From Club E Productions:
All directed by: Erin Cedarbridge
Erin Cedarbridge and Tosh Fitzcarraldo

Rainy Day 
Erin Cedarbridge, starring Erin Cedarbridge, Sandy Miggins, G and Racheal Rexen

Girls Watch Porn!
Erin Cedarbridge, Lexi Fizzle, Zoey Winsmore, Partee Mytili, Sandy Miggins, Ali Lancrae

Dear Santa Claus
Erin Cedarbridge and Larry Vinaver

Santa Picks Up a Stripper!  Part 1
Partee Mytili and Ryu Quasimodo

Santa Picks Up a Stripper!  Part 2
Partee Mytili, Ryu Quasimodo, and Sil

The Second Life Porn Star Awards will start with the February 11th Hump-day Party (at the venue) and climax with the awards ceremony and ensuing party on February 14th!! We are also planning to have parties on the days in between (Thursday & Friday) late night so to stay out of the way or the normally scheduled porn parties on the grid. A lot of our filming has happened late night this year and we wish to show our appreciation of that by holding parties then!!

The Second Life Porn Star Awards can only be won by people in a Miss Emily's Studio, Naughty Pixel Productions and  Club E Productions!! Zoey, Erin and I are the judges and since we have other thing to do in SL then watch every movie or create a panel of judges, we made it very simple and judge the movies we know best (the ones we made) there is already the Sexiest® Awards for everyone in that group, not just the 3 studios!! This is for fun just like a company party, a time to celebrate achievement these actresses and actors have done and hand out a few awards along the way!! Our studios primary focus is on the art of Film so no photography categories, Just Film!