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Sunday, January 26, 2014


Interview: # 399
Name: Puttanachic
Country: From Senegal, studying in France
Second Life Birthdate: August 31, 2011
Sexual orientation: Basically I'd say, Bi sexual. but in second thought, I'd say depend on my mood :) Versatile  well I surely would always prefer a damn cock
Why Porn: I guess, firstable as on real life I've always been watching French production from "Marc Dorcel™", so when I went on SL 1st time it was for havin Fun "you Know Cyber Sex". All my friends always known me as that slutty & kinky girl I was. Guess was a logical way for me to become a porn actress. I've good opinion of myself, and I do pretty sure being good at what I'm doing :) Plus as I show oon pick, "HQ avatar" like many Girls, I spend long time and money on my appearance, I love to be watched
Experience:  I had one "Officially"
Won't do:  Bloody game or Dungeon Stuff or humiliation such as dirty thing like scat. Watersport, don't mind me, it not that dirty :) plus as far as i know pixel smell nothing :P I'm well open minded chick, legged too if I can say.
Favorite Sex Act:  Sideway,  dunno about that maybe 'cause i loosed my virginity on that pose
so turn me on each I get involved in those 
Would you have sex with a director to get a part: Oh yeah, for sure
Fantasy porn scene: Like i said, I'm huge fan of Marc Dorcel movie. Especially his collection "PornoChic" which let you remind maybe my SL account name "PuttanaChic", it a lil wink at his work ^^. I guess so i'd love be in a scene chic Porn with a 3 or 4 some act. Stiletto & tight nylon, those kind very classy.