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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Phoenix AND Firestorm releases!

Firestorm FUI Beta FUI Beta has a completely new interface which is a hundred times more flexible than previous versions. We've even included an incredible V1/Phoenix skin which hasn't been seen on any V2 viewer until now. We also feel it has better performance and stability than our previous Firestorm builds and hope you enjoy it!
Check out the video first!

Important Phoenix Viewer Update is a VERY important update!
Most important in this release and a reason you really all need to update is because in version 1600 we missed a very important inventory folder icon for Direct Delivery. LL will be enabling this feature on March 21st and without this update you're inventory window will become "Visibly" broken.
This was taken from the Phoenix Viewer - Home site

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The World is Pink!

Some people will find, when logging in with Firestorm 3.3.0, that everything is pink.

This is apparently a new issue inherited from LL code:

The work-around"

  * If you don't have it enabled yet, enable to Advanced menu with Ctrl-Alt-D
  * Open the Advanced menu and select "Show Debug Settings".
  * It will open a new window;  type into it "RenderMaxTextureIndex", it should auto complete it for you.
  * Once you have typed it in there should be a description of the option and a text box for the value, set the value to 0.

The link also offers other fixes as well!!

Submitted by: Kukla

Another Firestorm Release!

Phoenix-Firestorm Release!
This one started out as a maintenance release but due to the huge list of new features we're going to call it a Full On Release! Firestorm not only comes with a very impressive list of features which make it nearly feature complete in comparison to Phoenix, it also comes loaded with very important bug fixes.
But lets talk about some of thefeature highlightsfirst!
- Inventory search by creator, UUID, description and all, plus new filters for links
- The original Particle Editor, create particle effects from within the viewer.
- Tip tracker for DJ's and live performers
- Autorespond options for non friends, busy, muted avatar modes, and it's persistent.
- Profile pictures open large now with a click
- New skins, Vintage and High Contrast
- Chat history button in nearby/groups and IM chats
- Loads of minimap options like track, mark and profile
- Radar enhancements like av tracking, and av counter
- Friends counter on friend list
- Estate tools, new ALT-R to pull up estate tools window, TP to top objects ability..etc
- Announce incoming IM's
and SO much more! Check out the (Change Log with links to wiki pages on how to use them) for a complete list!

Also click here to see the rest of it on the Phoenix home page.