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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Matthias Connolly

Interview: # 413
Country: Canada
Second Life Birthdate: January 02, 2008
Sexual orientation:  Bisexual, with preference to Herm/TG/TS/Shemales
Why Porn:  Well I'd done 1 film about 2-3 years ago - and has asked that person about doing more - but don't think she's producing any more and/or not in SL much any longer.  And a friend of Mine -  interviewed with you last week and she mentioned you and....well here I am.
Experience:  Movie wise, just the 1. I've done some photography too, but it was always for other people - so I never oddly- kept many of the photos for myself.
I also tend to enjoy specializing in Medieval scenes and themes. Living in different castles in SL for 6+ years....alot of Medieval attire and such

 Won't do:  I won't do kids, scat or scenes with pregnant women (They are kinda - sacred in my books, if that makes sense)
Favorite Sex Act: I guess I'd have to say - receiving anal
Would you have sex with a director to get a part:  I enjoy sex period - whether its to get into a movie or not. I'd likely have sex with the Grip and the makeup girl if it helped. 
Fantasy porn scene: Shemale DP on Me.  (DP...oral and Anal...3some with 2 Shemales)