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Friday, August 2, 2013

Lolas Tango - Tune Up Script!!!

Hello Pornstars,

a week ago or so I was doing my browsing on the MarketPlace and I have found something amazing for those that use the Lolas Tango Mesh Breast. As we all know, it is pretty high on scriptcounts when having other items attached and more and more places that can get crowded want the script count as low as possible. With this script, you can reduce the Tango script count from 23 to just 2!!! Yes, just 2 and it keeps having all the functionality from the Lolas Tango intact. Infact, it gives some more features that Lolas Tango doesn't have.

Marketplace Link: Click here to visit the MarketPlace shop!!!

[IM] Script Improvements, (creator: Ion Munro), has made this script that is easy to use to accomplish the scripts reduction from 23 to just 2. I truely think she did an amazing job on this and I am very happy to have found this. I tried it and it did work for me. (Just make sure, you do not have any other scripts inside of your Lolas Tango or it won't work. I had the bouncy script from Que Bella still inside, so any other scripts you have added, need to be taken out first before you plan to do what the creator has written in the manual notecard!!)

The other neat option is that it will remember your nipple setting, so it will appear automatically when taking your top off. (No longer the need to also go into the nipples menu of the tango's to select one of the three nipple options).

For the sales price, I think it is not expensive and it is a fair price. I believe that it was a pretty hard task to accomplish it and it is well worth the spending in my opinion. Rests me to say, thank you to the creator for making this script and I hope you all have more fun keeping the tango's on while going to a sim that wants you to reduce scriptcounts. And no more the need, to delete scripts having to make sure you keep an original copy.

Wishing you all a fantastic weekend!!!
And see you all ofcourse tomorrow at the weekly Porn*Stars Beach Party.

Zoey Winsmore.