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Friday, December 12, 2014


Interview: # 518
Name: Fritz1994
Country: Belgium
Second Life Birthdate: December 25, 2013
Why Porn:   I saw some amazing pictures on Flickr and that got me interested in making photo's myself. I try to make sensual and classy shoots.
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Won't do: Well i have not done any porn shoot. Not sure if i ever will do that. If i can make it look artistic i think i will try it
Experience: I have done about 15 shoots now. I still learning with every shoot and i have some lovely friends who help me becoming a better photographer.
Favorite Sex Act:  I love to make a lady cum. hearing her moan as she cums is the best sound ever :)
Dominate or Submissive: I'm more dominant then submissive most of the time
Hand Job or Titty Fuck:  Titty fuck.
Blow Job or Anal Sex: Anal sex 
Would you have sex with a female director to get a part:  Like Niccolò Machiavelli said: It is the end that justifies the means. so yes :)
Do I make you Nervous: hehe no not really. im comfortable around lovely and sexy ladies :)
Fantasy porn scene: I think a young men (me) with a sexy mature teacher. And i forgot to make my homework :)