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Sunday, June 5, 2016

"Not Porn" But fuck the rules anyway!!!

 If you can't post X-Rated (Restricted) material in a G-Rated (General) why would you post G-Rated material in a X-Rated Porn group?

Don't you think there are enough porn haters in the world that want it all removed to not do it to ourselfs? You have heard, "Give them an inch and they take a mile." I feel like every time I see a post like this that is exactly what we are doing to ourselfs!!

These were just in 2 days:

PNC-Decorating New Set  Alexandria Topaz

THEM WERE THE DAYS Elenamicheals Core

New Movie- Hero - NO Porn... Giselehendrix
Yes I can do movies without any Porn too... if you like to see it:

Bobbi Tegan Solidx
Not nude but still worth sharing hope you still like :D

PNC Vibrant Photo  Alexandria Topaz

Come on people at lest show some nudity!!!

If you want to post those G-Rated works of art why not join a group like this: The Society of Photography Lovers  and post them there instead, or make your own G-rated group??
I mean heck the ones doing these posts have over 800 followers on Flickr, they can get 500 views with out making a notice or posting a link in a porn groups chat.

We are going to start muting and banning people if they can't respect the * SL PORN * Group Rules!!

Rule 10. No more "Not porn but I wanted to share" posts, that does not mean it has to be hardcore sex, but I would like the work to be adult in nature and be at least R-rated!! Show a nipple, a pussy or a cock at least!! Post the really cool "Not porn" links in some other group.

Now go make some fucking Porn!!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

"Not porn but I wanted to share"

I cringe every time I see those words!!!
It's like saying "I know this doesn't belong here but I'm going to do it anyway because I don't care and I need the attention!"

Quite honestly I don't even look at posts like that, so a can't really say if they should be accepted or not. When I look at the notices I don't see those words so they are coming up in group chat and a link given there as a way to work around any notice rules!!

So lets clear this all up right here and now!! First off I'm not picking on anyone and sense I don't look at these links I'm not even judging what is being posted, these will be clean slate rules.

Second, this is a porn group, that does not mean it has to be hardcore sex, but I would like the work to be adult in nature and be at least R-rated!! Show a nipple, a pussy or a cock!! Don't post a PG13- rated profile picture even if it's the best work of your life!!!

Instead of posting a picture of a girl on a beach in a bikini:
 Post a picture of a girl on the beach topless or without the bikini:
By the way these 2 pictures came from this pictorial Erin Cedarbridge Nude on Beach of 22 picture done last June! It wasn't just 1 picture of her in a bikini or 1 picture without it, it was a whole series, a PICTORIAL!! Something that the instant gratification world has forgotten about!!!

I'm seeing this more and more each day and I have let it go, but will not let it go any longer. When I joined porn I would never have dreamed of posting a link to something not porn here or use the words "Not porn but I wanted to share". How totally disrespectful!! Join a picture group if you want to not do porn!! You wouldn't post adult images in a non porn picture group so why post  "Not porn" in a porn group?? 

So you can ask, "Whats the big deal?"The big deal is I want this taken care of before it gets out of hand, we have a influx in porn and this group if the senior members of this group are using chat to say "screw any rules look at my picture" then the new people will think this is how it's done!! And this is not how it's done!! This is a porn group not a simple photo group, post whatever the hell you want on flickr but join a non porn photo group if you want to post a link or notice for a cool picture of you fully clothed on the hood of a car!!

I have several followers of my flickr page and I follow several people on flickr, very rarely do I post a link or a notice to something on my flickr page. I post all kinds of stuff on my flickr page and I figure my followers will either look at it or not I don't need a notices each time I upload a picture.

The words "Not porn but I wanted to share" are done, over with, no more!! Breaking this rule can result in a warning from a Mentor/Moderator. If a 2nd Warning is needed the violator will be muted for 48hrs to adjust. A 3rd Warning will result in a life time suspension in group.

Remember this is * SL PORN *, so keep it porn!!