Friday, May 19, 2017

Notices, May 18

May 13th * SL PORN * Beach Party Missemily23

The party of the week at the World Famous Porn✰Stars Beach!!
If you were there, you might be in these pictures. If you couldn't make it, you should see what you missed!!

DJ Zoey played fantastically!!!

This week's sponsor was MP Noir they donated (2) L$1000 gift cards!!
Next Saturday's Party: * SL PORN * Beach Party; Saturday, May 20th at the World Famous Porn✰Stars Beach!! 1pm to 3p

plants and rags Stacia Reinoir

I dreamt of a man
He fed me fine food
He gave me shiny things

Lovin my Icecream Giselehendrix
And i will not share ;-))

Hope you like it

Rikki Sixx

After Party Sedated Constantine

Things got a little hot and heavy at Moonie's DJ set and Remy was all revved up. We decided to take this after party back to our place and have a bit of fun.


Thank you for posing:
Moonie, Remy & Alley.

Pose made by me with some help from Alley.

PNC-Downtown Venus Alexandria Topaz

A. Topaz

At the Beach  Jamezz Doulton

Just relaxing on my day off.. enjoying being lazy .. and what do i find the beautiful Brea Brianna .. hanging out at Surfers..  how could i not sap a picture of this beautiful goddess..

Crazy Ass Neighbors Jeffcosgrove

Darin peered out of his kitchen window, shaing his head..... (continued inside)

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