Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Notices, April 17

Resting in the Park on Topless Tuesday Karazorella Kytori

why is is that thick books take so long to read? My eyes were starting to hurt so decided to take a break.



2500 Rachelchristine Avro

I want to thank you all  with heartfelt love for your following and the faves you have given me

Love always kissess and hugss Rache


The Thought Of Him.... 03 Solidx

Happy Ass Monday!!
Model: Francesca
Hugs Solid.

Happy Ass Monday  Deka Teardrop

Thank you Chris :) hope y'all enjoy ♥
kisses. licks, sucks & fucks
Your Dirty Little Girl
Moonie ♥


Counting Lily Pads Racheal Rexen


Wet Kisses, Racheal Rexen

HAPPY ASS MONDAY Elenamicheals Core

Not my own for a change.
Love and Licks Rachel Swallows XXXX

Double Ass Monday: The Good, the Bad & the Buttly Aria Horan


New Adult Furniture Review Edvard Taurion

DO Hay Barn - Adult
Extremely affordable and innovative, with two versions in same package, ideal for several time frame RP (old west, gor, etc). Read all about it on:

The Humiliatrix - New film from True Ginger Productions Curt Dovgal

With a cast of 11 and 2 extras covering 5 scenes. The Humiliatrix follows the descent of Dax Rahl into boy toy service through various humiliating episodes culminating in one very large group scene. This was shot in 5 locations across SL.

Trailer: https://www.flickr.com/photos/transarcadia/33710274790/in/datetaken/

Blog Link: http://truegingerphotography.blogspot.com/2017/04/the-humiliatrix.html

Full Movie on PornHub: https://www.pornhub.com/view_v

HAM - Coconut Shape? Giselehendrix

Talisker didn´t believe what he see´s! My Ass the shape of a Coconut.... he tolds me "Well done in the Gym Rikki"

Glad when you like it
Rikki Sixx

H.A.M.!!!!  X111571

Metal Ass Monday

with love, Ali Fox xoxox


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