Thursday, March 9, 2017

Notices, March 8

Introducing Sharon Ali Lancrae

Newcomer Sharon Castillione (Sharon Summerwind)
∙ Blog - with five-photo set:
∙ Flickr - teaser photo with link to blog:
♥  -Ali

Straving for your touch Manuel Tyran

You know just how to make my heart beat faster
Emotional earthquake, bring on disaster
You hit me head-on, got me weak in my knees
Yeah, something inside me's changed
I was so much younger yesterday, ye-eah
So much younger yesterday, oh, yeah

Tasting Partee! Curt Dovgal

Touring Partee's movie sets ended in a little detour! A VERY delicious detour!

Model: ραятєє  мчтιLι

Pose by me


Beaver's Digest - Volume 28 Katina Cazalet

Might not be the most common way to call it, but it's International Beaver Day!
Some of the good stuff from the past days is here, enjoy taking a look, finding out things you may have missed, and wave your fist at what I missed!

New Comic: Double Alexus Minotaur

A bad experience on a hotel can teach you a valuable life lesson.

Starring: Alexus and the BJ Twins: Barbie and Jasmine.

Blue... Solidx

Capturing Jessie topless while dipping into the blue waters at Surfers bay.
Hugs Solid.

Massage Therapy Rachalchristine Avro

Curty came in for a massage and I decided to give her a happy ending but who in the end got the happy ending

Party Time Jamezz Doulton

Ok all you party freaks.. MS Emily is missing in action today .. Probably busy haven tons of Naughty fun .. SO Dj Moonie has taken over the club.. And we are still partying today .. so grab your toys leave your clothes at home and head on down to the Hump Day Party..

PNC- Beyond Alexandria Topaz

A. Topaz

a little fun Jamezz Doulton

just hanging out with the beautiful Alina today .. and things got a whole lot of fun

Whip it out Wednesday!  Curt Dovgal

So I have formed a new group for all the hot cock shots we can muster! Every wednesday I'll do a top ten Cockshot post on my blog at . So start submitting for the first post next Wednesday evening!

Fantasy Jamezz Doulton

Mythical nights lost in passion

10,000 views! Curt Dovgal

I am utterly astonished at the level of support I am getting in the Machinima community! Thank you to everyone for watching and stayed tuned for more!

Yay! We have officially reached 100 faves... Manuel Tyran

messed up resending :p
To my followers i want to say a huge thank you as well for being such a great support and always commenting and giving feed back to both of truly are a big part of this amazing journey so thank you sooooo much I love you all <3 Mwuah

Music Clip- With Sabrinaluck Jhwonn Warcliffe



Caressing the Beast Louisered Faulds

Another shot for the Music and nudity series

Louise xx

Jennifer for True Ginger Curt Dovgal

A recent new star for True Ginger introduced me to Jennifer. I hope to cast her in an upcoming film. Enjoy this visage of a scrumptious girl

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