Monday, March 6, 2017

Notices, March 5

Happy Ass Monday - Horan the BarbArian Aria Horan

A self-explanatory title

New Adult Furniture Review Edvard Taurion

GW BDSM Hard Love Cross
Flawlessly made, fordable, smooth in transitions and much more. Read all about it on:

That Feeling Manuel Tyran

When you have so many feelings and so many emotions.. you just say fuck it and keep it going.. not wanting it to stop. That person who touches you like no other. I don't know who you are but i will dive into an ocean for you.. to not lost that feeling to not lose that touch.. i just got to keep going to be with you.

Brought to you by Drop Dead Diva Production's
Much Love <3 Ella xoxo

Alone x0x0x0

Much of love and kisses ♥


Chain mail heat Curt Dovgal

Model: Irish Karillion

Beautiful Brunettes Midnight Shinja

A pair of sexy brunettes in this series . Featuring BetteAnne and Lesley .

4500 Followers- thank you! Heatherashford

Thank you so much for all your love support!
And of course your Faves!
Muahhhzz Love you all! - Heather

Morp #4 Cybercat Bekkers

Lately I've been sitting down and playing with Second Life to RL Morphs. Today I am proud to show you #4 a naughty Cheerleader showing you her lovely Tits!


~FROM ERIN'S MEOW~ Erinyes Celestalis

a rather erotic Saturday night....MAOoOOOW!

Something Special by Anderson Cruise
and another!


Creative Fellatio with Argo Curt Dovgal

Only muscle bound sexy ass men can pull this off!

Attention's March Issue is here! Atthenaisc

Hi everyone,

The March issue of Attention featuring Beauty Yana Grau, an incredible feature on Laura Richards, an original short story by Dax Rahl, 2 fashion articles, NeoVictoria and chocolate cake!


On the webs:


Athena, Bru, Brea & the Staff of Attention

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