Monday, March 24, 2014

Naughty Machinima Works Again!!

At the end of October Naughty Machinima did a major over haul of it's website!! Since that time I have been unable to upload videos there, the format I have been using is MP4. I tried contacting support in hopes they would tell me what format to use (because other videos were being uploaded) with no results.

But last week I seen this :
03.11.14 - Latest changelog and planned updates
Latest changes:
The mp4 issue is mostly resolved.  SD is the wrong aspect ratio, but HD should look correct and full screen is no longer needed.  This is for NEW mp4 uploads only.  I will soon have a solution to replace existing mp4 videos, once I solve the SD aspect issue.
So I tried uploading  a video... twice, with nothing showing up!!
Today I tried again and this time I was successful!!!

We as directors spend a great deal of time making movies (especially in editing, I do) so we want our movies viewed by as many viewers as possible. is a GREAT site and I get on average 1,070 views per video, mostly coming from people that are on Second Life. But on I average 2,100 views per video with the feeling those views are more from gamers that post there and non Second Lifer's. In either case I want my movies viewed by as many people as possible no matter where they come from.
As a director I also feel an obligation to get my movies viewed by as many people as possible for the cast and others that worked on the movie, because they put time in it as well.

To you directors out there you should really upload your movies to more than one place, because at anytime something could happen to one of these sites, weather it be a big data loose or the site be taken down because the owner didn't want to maintain it anymore. These sites are privately owned and may not live forever, so having your work in several places will give you that back up so your work does live on!!!

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